For decades, Disney Studios has delighted viewers of all ages. The studio is known for its animated films, which immerse viewers in worlds full of wonder, joy, and compelling storylines with magical elements. Disney’s animated films have been box office successes, bringing in billions of dollars worldwide, ranging from timeless favorites like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and The Lion King (1994) to more recent triumphs like Frozen (2013) and Moana (2016).

But it appears that the enchanted land of Disney is going through a rough patch since last year. Recent three releases from this esteemed studio have performed poorly at the box office, resulting in over $660 million loss for the studio.


Chris Evans’ Lightyear failed to do well at the box office

The recent three releases of Disney Studios, Lightyear, Strange World, and Elemental seemed to have everything needed to be a classic Disney masterpiece, including excellent animation, great actors, and significant marketing efforts, but they failed to perform well at the box office.

Even though Lightyear which was released in the year 2022, was a Toy Story spin-off, it had a mediocre box office performance, it fell short of expectations. The movie made $226 million worldwide, which is significantly less than the sum made by the first Toy Story movie. Additionally, Lightyear had a $200 million production budget, costing the studio an estimated $173 million in losses.

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As two of the biggest names were associated with the project—Chris Evans, the adored actor who provided the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the film, and Buzz Lightyear, the renowned Disney character from the Toy Story series—Lightyear ought to have performed excellently at the box office.

Disney’s two other major failures

Strange World, which debuted in 2022 despite the studios’ history of box office achievements, failed to win over audiences’ hearts. Strange World deviated significantly from the studios’ typical box office achievements, earning a mere $73.6 million globally, which caused concern in the film industry. The movie resulted in a large projected loss of $286.4 million for the studio due to its high $120 million production expense. Strange World failed to impress critics also. Major problems cited by critics include a weak plot, uninteresting characters, and complex information.

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Elemental, the most recent animated project from Disney, has suffered a big setback at the box office too. With an expensive $200 million production budget, the movie has only managed to earn $128.3 million worldwide as of July 1, 2023, putting it on pace to lose a significant $200 million. Elemental hasn’t connected with audiences as predicted despite its visually wonderful style and intriguing promotional content.

These three losses have been a significant blow for the studio, but given Disney’s track record, they will bounce back.

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