Football player Gerard Pique and pop singer Shakira decided to end their more than an 11-year relationship as the Barcelona star was accused of infidelity. Their breakup entered the news and has remained there for a while now. It didn’t appear that the two of them would be able to concentrate on anything else right now because of the ongoing legal proceedings, but suddenly, the Barcelona football player’s new girlfriend has come to the attention of the media. Gerard Pique has decided to take advantage of his newfound independence rather than just sitting back on his personal life until his problems with his ex-wife are resolved.

Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti

The football player for Barcelona has revealed that he has a new girlfriend. He has publicly acknowledged his connection with Clara Chia by appearing with her at a Dani Martin concert and the internet is going crazy with him being at the center of it all. Gerard Pique is also said to have introduced his new partner to his friends and family. It is also being speculated that the footballer had started his relationship with Clara Chia as an affair while he was still with the Waka Waka singer. Additionally, it has been told that Shakira is upset by the football player’s new relationship as they both had an agreement about not being spotted in public with a new partner for one year.

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Does Pique have a waitress kink?

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique during a match for Barcelona

When the two initially got together, it was believed that Clara Chia worked at Kosmos, the footballer’s company. However, after some time the truth was revealed that she was a waitress before Gerard Pique gave her a job at his company. A source close to the footballer confirmed it to the website Vanitatis. “Clara was a waitress in one of the clubs where Pique went to party with Riqui Puig and other teammates. It was an immediate crush,” the source told the outlet. He further added,

Riqui, his sister Carlota and his girlfriend Gemma Iglesias are all part of Clara’s gang. One of the reasons they went out to this place was so that Clara would feel more accompanied, as well as the privacy advantages that having her behind the bar gave them.

With this information coming to light, people have been wondering if the footballer has some sort of fetish for being with a waitress. Fans have even called him out for his inconsiderate behavior towards Shakira and he has been getting a lot of detestation.

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Fans are enraged about the whole incident

shakira revealed that she prepared for the course after her children went off to sleep

With things going south between the Hips Don’t Lie singer and the footballer, fans have started to trend the both of them and are openly giving their judgement and opinions. As Shakira is trending for all the positive reasons, the footballer is in not a good situation as of now. A fan recently tweeted “Shakira is teaching us how to deal with the worst phase of our lives. No shade, no hints on social networks, no pettiness, being strong, powerful and above all showing at every moment that one is worth a lot and that life goes on despite the sorrows. She’s truly a gift.

Gerard Pique has been getting a lot of backlash and hatred because of his alleged affair and for not taking even a moment of consideration before making his new relationship public. Meanwhile, Shakira has been getting a lot of support in these tough times from people who are enraged with the audacity of the footballer. The footballer’s name is sure to get a lot more muddy in the near future with fans sincerely supporting the singer.

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Source: Marca

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