Thor: Love and Thunder was released in theatres across America on the 8th of July 2022. The Taiki Wititi-directed movie is the fourth installment in MCU’s Thor franchise. Sequel to 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, fans had high hopes for the new movie. However, the movie has failed to deliver to its expectations. Critics and fans alike have had extremely mixed reviews about the movie. While it scored well in the Rotten Tomatoes meter similar to most Marvel movies, the movie’s response has been trifling.

Thor: Love and Thunder movie poster
Thor: Love and Thunder. Movie poster

The movie managed to collect a good box office collection, ranking 2nd as the highest-grossing opening day by a movie in 2022. Second only to Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, another MCU franchise. Nonetheless, fans seem disappointed by the movie. The box office numbers in all likelihood owe it to eager fans who anticipated a better Thor movie.

The show-stealer. In Thor: Love and Thunder

While fans seem utterly disappointed in Thor: Love and Thunder. There have been a few good bits people took back home. A major one of which, was Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Taiki Waititi’s playful directing style may have held back the movie’s potent storyline. An Oscar-winning director and one for whom fans had high hopes. Waititi failed to do justice to the characters and the movie. Bale’s Gorr was a major USP (Unique selling point) but received criticism after the movie’s release for various reasons. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor felt forced, with his machoism and likeability seemingly reaching a creative dead end.

Arguably the first LGBTQ+ MCU character, Valkyrie.
Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Regardless, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie received the loudest cheers from fans and critics alike. Arguably the first LGBTQ+ character in the MCU. Tessa Thompson’s portrayal of Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder is being highly praised. Fans took to Twitter to express their love and support for the actor (Tessa Thompson).


The next Thor movie

While the movie might have received mixed reviews. It is doing commendably well if we go by numbers and box office collection. For Marvel as seen in the past the latter is a favored factor for taking up newer projects. In an interview producer, Kevin Feige responded to a question regarding a Thor sequel by saying, “The question is, ‘Have you told all the great Thor stories from the comics in movies?’ The answer is no. There are lots of them!

Kevin Fiege, primary producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whether a new Thor movie will get into production remains a question. However, fans would be expecting more of Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in the near future. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently, playing in theatres. 

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