Jennifer Aniston, along with Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, became household names because of their roles in the FRIENDS sitcom. The show went through multiple title changes from the start, and the sitcom initially titled Insomnia Café was finally known as FRIENDS. However, the list of interesting facts about FRIENDS is never-ending; it was interesting for the fans to come across fake stand-ins of their favorite characters.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

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How FRIENDS Changed The Career Of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was going through a depressive and rough phase in her acting career as she had four unsuccessful television shows before Aniston was cast as Rachel Green in 1994. She played Rachel until the show ended in 2004 and the iconic sitcom show changed the careers of the main six, including Jennifer Aniston who went on to thrive in film and is back to TV like The Morning Show in recent years

Jennifer Aniston shot to fame with her role as Rachel Green in FRIENDS but never lost her identity while playing Rachel Green, unlike the other lead characters of the show. Jennifer Aniston somehow evaded the FRIENDS curse and made a successful career. In 2004, just after FRIENDS’s finale, Aniston bagged the film Along Came Polly opposite Ben Stiller, a rom-com that fetched her commercial success.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston’s hit show FRIENDS.

After FRIENDS, some of the successful works of Jennifer Aniston are Bruce Almighty, in which she played the role of Jim Carrey’s love interest. She was continuously hooked to the spotlight because of her marriage with Brad Pitt, but when the two announced their separation, it was another setback for Aniston.

But she made a comeback, and her next hit was in 2006, The Break Up opposite Vince Vaughn, followed by Marley And Me, starring opposite Owen Wilson, and then He’s Just Not That Into You- a multi-starer movie. Her latest works are Murder Mystery and its sequel, Murder Mystery 2, and The Morning Show. 

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Fake Rachel Spotted By Fans In An Episode of FRIENDS

Thirty-one years ago- FRIENDS made its NBC debut and revolutionized the face of American sitcoms. The show dominated Thursday nights for nearly a decade and remains one of the most streamed shows in Netflix’s library. Considering the show’s success, it has a tremendous and dedicated fan base, because of which it is next to impossible to get anything passed the fans.

Latest discoveries reveal that fans noticed a set filler standing in for Rachel during scenes. On multiple occasions, fans spotted the fake Rachel, and all thanks to the changing of the ratio format to the episode. It is impossible to fool a FRIENDS fan, so the Rachel stand-in was spotted twice and credited to the aspect ratio. The technique of using stand-ins is mostly used when a scene is reshot and the character is not actually a part of the scene so tha makers use a filler with same clothes.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston in FRIENDS

Besides Rachel, fans also noticed filler for Monica at the coffee house. The makers shared that were various scenes and plot that were shot and close to airing but could not make it to the final cut.

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