The Marketing campaigns of every MCU film are just amazing! It is really fun to see familiar MCU actors take part in interviews together. Marvel always ends up paring two guys who gel quite nicely with each other. Although, they had to stop pairing up Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans on press tours as all they did together was continuously laugh during interviews. Anyway, the greatest pairing that they’ve done till date is of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland. They’ve just had the best of interviews together. They are the best MCU duo, and we’ve got proof for that. Here are a few snips of the two actors just having a blast together:

Downey loves to state the facts!

Holland revealed the same story at the Graham Norton Show as well. But Downey wasn’t present there to give him a reality check on his story!

The Godfather

1002311319 photo u1

Holland is totally spot on here! Downey certainly was the Godfather behind the scenes.

He Maybe the Godfather, But he ain’t Holland’s Daddy!

Rdj tom holland

He may not love it, but we certainly love this chemistry. Like Father, like Son!

Doctor Downey solves all problems!

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He is the mechanic! So, what else did you expect Tom?

Just Remember Son, Don’t Snitch on the Godfather!

1002311351 photo u1

Holland has got to be careful, or else he’d be kicked out of Downey’s good books.

The Gut Punching Moment!

Did you know that Holland had to improvise this scene? He didn’t know that Spidey was going to be dusted until he reached the set that day. He was great. But obviously, Downey was even better!

Little Did He Know!

Rdj tom holland1

He certainly missed the trip to Downeytown. He had to sit in his little trailer whereas the Downeytown actually had 5 trailers. It’s this thing that Downey used to do on the set of Civil War. He invited people to his “Village” for a nice meal. Apparently, Holland didn’t know about that.

Look Who’s Trying to be the Boss here!

Rdj tom holland3

Holland seems to be giving Downey a taste of his own medicine!

Like Father, Like Son!

1002311375 photo u1The apprentice is learning!

You’ve gotta take the call Tom!

1002311365 photo u1

Holland did the right thing by taking that call!

Their First Meeting Was Funny!

1002311322 photo u1 scaled

Here, check out Downey’s stunt double. You can’t really blame Holland, can you?!

The Facetiming thing!

Rdj tom holland2

Downey facetimed Tom Holland in the middle of his interview. It was adorable. But look what Holland did after that:

He Hijacked Downey’s Interview!

Holland’s got some balls of steel! But, he may have messed with the wrong guy.

Don’t you think that Holland and Downey’s pairing is just the best? Hopefully it will continue in a future project. How about a Back to the Future remake with Downey and Holland as Doc and Marty respectively? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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