HBO’s Game of Thrones had to face some controversy over its climax and final ending, however, the series’ storytelling was highly acclaimed by both, fans and critics for most of its run. Both critics and fans enjoyed the interlocking in the show, and its artfully woven story arcs, which mostly had big consequences on the show’s characters and the world. From an investigation of Ned Stark’s of Robert’s bastards to the assault of Stannis Baratheon on King’s Landing, there are various storylines that were beloved by GOT fans.

However, there were some intriguing storylines in Game of Thrones that lacked an impact on the world – unlike other seasons – fans or characters, themselves. A few of the storylines got over with more of a disappointment than a bang. Whether the creators failed to match their potential, was never really followed up on, as these storylines did leave some fans wondering what the whole point was.

Death of Varys Before He Could Plot Against Daenerys

Game of Thrones
Death of Varys

Game of Thrones Season 8 was criticized by many fans for its pace, which ended up cramming many seasons that are worth of storylines into some episodes. Storylines felt rushed and abrupt, often starting and ending quite expeditiously. The most notable is the demoralization of’ supporters of Daenerys which was best shown by Varys.

Varys came to know that Jon Snow was actually the true heir to the Iron Throne, and Varys went on to betray Daenerys. Now, we all know that similar betrayals have taken place in Game of Thrones in its earlier seasons.

Despite the fact that those betrayals were very impactful in the early seasons, this just had him writing some letters and a subtly hinted-at attempt to poison her to death before she is burnt alive by Daenerys burned him alive. However, there were no consequences of this betrayal other than the death of Varys Nothing came of the betrayal other than Varys’ death.

Game of Thrones Season 5 That Took Place In Dorne Had No Impact

Game of Thrones
Dorne came in the fifth season of Dorne came in the fifth season of Game of Thrones

Dorne came in the fifth season of Game of Thrones and turned out to be one of the Games of Thrones’ more belligerent storylines. After he was sent largely out of focus, the whole region became engrossed in events like Bronn and Jaime trying to free Myrcella from the Sand Snakes, while all this is running contrary to the will of Prince Doran Martell. This storyline was given enough focus in the Game of Thrones season.

However, not much came out of it. Even when the Doran was Sand Snakes ousted and seized control of the region, their valuable contributions to Daenerys’ war were very minimal, as they were destroyed within one episode. For the time spent in Dorne, the only real effect it showcased was Myrcella’s death serving as yet another factor to upset Cersei.`

Jon Snow‘s Claim & Heritage To The Iron Throne Became Irrelevant  in Game of Thrones

Jon Snow

Among the longest-running theories was that Jon Snow was actually the bastard of not Ned Stark, instead, he was the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and thereby the true heir to the Iron Throne.

This was confirmed in the Game of Thrones Season 6, and fans loved it. Despite the long potential impact of this revelation, nothing came out of it. Jon at first, resists his heritage, claiming to not even wish to have the Iron Throne, and the show gets over by returning north alongside the Wildlings. The lonely impact of the whole story was providing Daenerys with yet another reason to turn evil.

Cersei’s Pregnancy Never Comes Into Play

Game of Thrones

This was one of the biggest developments in the Game of Thrones for Cersei’s story as in the seventh season she revealed that she is pregnant.

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A massive part of the characterization of Cersei— that obviously includes her emotional moments, her most condoling parts — which was her identity as a mother, and almost all Game of Thrones fans were looking forward to witnessing the impact her pregnancy would leave on her and all of Westeros.

Jaime’s Redemption Came Crashing Down

Game of Thrones
Jamie Lannister

Jaime Lannister saw Game of Thrones‘ most beloved character development in the form of Jamie. He started the series as among the most detestable characters, a child-killer whose only likable characteristic was his quick wit.

In not much time, he became a fan favorite as he had to undergo a brutal arc of redemption, revealing a lot more depth in the grim show.

All of it finally came to a head in the two final seasons – 7 and 8, as he had to leave Cersei and even went on to fight the White Walkers on his own. However, as it started to look like the best Game of Thrones arc so far, however, Jaime snapped and ran south so he could return to Cersei, in an attempt to die by her side and claim that nobody else mattered to him more than her. He achieved all his redemption, after almost six whole seasons, was to give just another footsoldier to take on against the White Walkers.

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