James Caan, the brawny 1970s Hollywood star known for his role in The Godfather had a tragic demise at 82, in July 2022. Remembered for his outstanding performance, the actor resides forever in the heart of his fans. A few months after his death, Caan’s eldest son Scott Caan filed for a petition to manage his father’s assets and estates.

James Caan
James Caan died at 82

James Caan the father of five children, left his belongings for his wife and children, however, with Scott Caan’s petition, it seems his other children and wife will be left penniless. Caan’s eldest son seems to be willing to hijack the acclaimed actor’s million-dollar estate. 

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Scott Caan Filed A Petition To Control James Caan’s Property

James Caan
James Caan with his eldest son Scott

James Caan, the veteran actor died at 82 in July 2022. Although his family decided to keep the reason for his death private, it is believed, the actor died of multiple cardiac complications. The El Dorado actor’s family took to Twitter to express their grief and announce the death of the Oscar-winning actor. It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Jimmy on the evening of July 6.” The family tweeted.

Maintaining peace for a while, following Caan’s death, his eldest son filed a petition with the intention of managing his father’s estate. With months of family disputes and court proceedings, the process has gone into motion. The Elf actor’s son is therefore liable to “hold, manage and operate any property, business or enterprise, owned in the name of James Caan, after his death.”  

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Scott Caan Hijacks James Caan’s $20M Estate

It was estimated, as per court documents, James Caan had two different properties of land, along with two other estates together amounting to $20M. The eldest son of the late actor, therefore, filed a petition to control the properties as per the will of the late actor. 

Scott Caan
Scott Caan files a petition for James Caan’s property

The situation gets much worse for the Caan family with outlets obtaining a copy of James Caan’s will, naming Scott Caan as the sole executor of his will. Although the Rollerball actor died unmarried, he was previously married to four women, with whom he shared five of his children. However, with Scott Caan becoming the sole executor of Caan’s property, his other children face the detrimental effect of being left penniless. 

Under the terms of The Misery actor’s will, Scott Caan can “sell, lease, mortgage or encumber by deed or trust or otherwise, the whole or any part of my Estate, at either public or private sale, with or without notice, but subject to such confirmation as may be required by law.” 

It is unknown to the family why the late actor instead of evenly dividing his property, left his eldest son in the charge of dealing with it. James Caan’s entire family except his eldest son is left penniless. 

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Source: Radar

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