The satirical superhero TV show The Boys, created by Eric Kripke, has been one of the most beloved shows in recent years. Based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s eponymous comic books, the series follows a team of vigilantes who prevent individuals with superpowers from abusing their power.

Laz Alonso in Fast & Furious
Laz Alonso in Fast & Furious | Source: Universal Pictures

Actor Laz Alonso plays the role of Marvin T. ‘Mother’s’ Milk in the show. He is reprising his role in the fourth season, but the change in his physique is quite obvious. So much so that fans are even beginning to wonder if his character has been recast.

The Boys Actor Laz Alonso’s Physical Appearance Is Making Some Fans Think His Character Was Recast

Laz Alonso in The Boys Season 2 | Source: Amazon Studios
Laz Alonso in The Boys Season 2 | Source: Amazon MGM Studios

Laz Alonso, who has a degree in marketing and has worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, embarked on the journey to build a career in the entertainment industry in the early 2000s. In addition to portraying the main antagonist in 2009’s Fast & Furious and starring as the N’avi warrior Tsu’tey in James Cameron’s Avatar, he also appeared in supporting and lead roles in many other shows and movies.

Since 2019, he has been playing the role of Mother’s Milk (M.M.) in The Boys. The first three episodes of the fourth season of the show premiered recently, and fans might have noticed that M.M. looks different. Not only has he lost weight, but also gotten rid of facial hair.

In a video posted on the show’s official Instagram page, Alonso can be seen talking about some ground rules that M.M. needs the team members to follow. Many fans noticed the change in his appearance and began wondering if the character had been recast. Here is what some fans have to say:

Can’t hear you without the facial hair

Bro, we need the goatee back

Seriously who tf is this guy posing as M.M

Clean shave goes hard

This does not look like MM wtf? Is this Walmart MM?

Although Alonso’s physical appearance might have changed, his performance remains unaffected. Rest assured, M.M. has not been recast as some fans seem to be assuming.

What Is The Reason Behind Laz Alonso’s Weight Loss?

Laz Alonso | Source: lazofficial on Instagram
Laz Alonso | Source: lazofficial on Instagram

Actors often change their appearance to become healthier individuals or for a role that they might be playing in a new project. Back in December, when Alonso was questioned about his weight loss in the comments of his Instagram post, he explained the reason to a fan, writing (via The Direct):

had to trim it down, fam! Got carried away [with] too much pizza.

In the video, he explained that he took a DNA test to understand what his body actually needs and that the test changed his outlook toward supplementation. He explained that consuming anything that an individual’s body does not need puts unnecessary stress on the body.

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