Paying tribute to the singers who left us with their untimely and grieving demise is a tradition followed by Grammy Awards each year. Even during the 2023 Grammy Awards, the In Memoriam segment paid tribute to the late singers. However, to fans’ and Melanie Martin’s surprise, Aaron Carter was left out of the segment. Carter’s name was never once mentioned in the 65th Grammy Awards. 

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter’s name was left out of the In Memoriam segment of the Grammys

The lengthy In Memoriam segment honored several personalities from the music industry who left us this past year. However, Aaron Carter’s name was not featured in the segment for tribute. The former child pop star had an untimely death in November 2022 at the age of 34. Although he was never nominated for or won a Grammy his music was highly appreciated among his fans. Carter’s name being left out of the list infuriated his fans. 

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Late singer, Aaron Carter’s name was left out of the In Memoriam segment

Aaron Carter, the former child pop singer, who left us with his untimely demise in November 2022, was noticeably left out of the In Memoriam segment of the Grammy Awards. Carter started his singing career at a young age and even showcased his talents while opening for the Backstreet Boys 1997 tour. With years of struggle and trying to find his voice, the young and talented singer rose to his fame in the late 90s. The teen heartthrob sold millions of copies of his albums worldwide. 

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin
Melanie Martin was taken by surprise when Aaron Carter’s was not acknowledged by the Grammys

The I’m All About You singer initially struggled with his addiction to alcohol and drugs. However, eventually, his addiction deteriorated following the rough patch of years with his music going unrecognized, ultimately leading to his death. The 34-year-old was found in the bathtub, back in November, allegedly dying of a drug overdose. Thus, his name being left out of the In Memoriam segment outraged his fans especially after several other singers and music industry personalities were paid tribute. Melanie Martin, the mother of Carter’s son was also taken by surprise when the late singer’s name was not mentioned. 

It was later confirmed that Aaron Carter’s name was acknowledged by the Recording Academy as per the list shared online prior to the actual ceremony. However, it was later omitted when the list went onstage. Fans are outraged by the last-minute omission of the teen sensation’s name from the tribute section. A representative of Nick Carter (Aaron Carter’s brother) from Backstreet Boys, reported to The Post through an email stating the snub was “so sad” by Grammy’s last-minute disgraceful change of plan. 

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Aaron Carter fans are outraged and calling out the Grammys for not honoring him

Aaron Carter’s fans took to Twitter to call out the Grammys for not honoring the late singer. A lengthy tribute was paid to the other renowned personalities from the music industry except for Carter. Lisa Marie Presley, Naomi Judd, Jeff Beck, DJ Stephen tWitch Boss, and many more were honored by the Grammys. However, just Aaron Carter’s name being crossed out, made many of his supporters bring out their grievances through social media. 

Aaron Carter
Outraged fans took to Twitter in support of Aaron Carter

Twitteratis and Carter’s fans posted “Shame on the grammys 2023! He was so multitalented! A pop icon. How disheartening.” Internet is enraged by the discrimination caused by the Grammy Awards. 

Another fan slammed the Grammys with “Since the Grammys chose not include Aaron Carter’s picture while tributing the passed away singers, I’ll just post my own mini tribute because that’s so sad. Rest In Peace Aaron Carter.”

Several other fans twitted “Why the heck wasn’t Aaron carter included in the memoriam part of the #GRAMMYs ??? That was cold”.

Few even posted “Genuinely don’t understand why Aaron Carter was left out of the in memoriam.. he completely changed the teen pop music game, broke so many records…

Aaron Carter’s death was a tragic one, which his family believes was due to a drug overdose. But what’s even more grieving is not paying the last tribute to the late singer, despite his contribution to the music industry. 

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Source: TMZ

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