Hailey Bieber isn’t the only Baldwin making sure to remain in the headlines, as her sister Alaia Baldwin Aronow gets arrested for allegedly attacking the staff members of a bar.

Alaia Baldwin Aronow with her sister Hailey Bieber
Alaia Baldwin Aronow with her sister Hailey Bieber (Image via Baldwin Aronow’s Instagram page)

Multiple reports claim that the model’s sister was arrested due to her unacceptable and wild brawl at a bar earlier this week. Alaia Baldwin Aronow allegedly attacked three staff members of the bar when she was asked to vacate the employees-only bathroom. Instead of acknowledging the rules of the club, Baldwin Aronow pulled the hair of a staff member, kicked one, and even threw her tampon at a female worker.

Hailey Baldwin’s Sister Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Staff Members of a Bar

News of celebrities acting weird and getting into brawls spread like fire. This time, it is Hailey Bieber‘s sister Alaia Baldwin Aronow earning attention for allegedly behaving wildly with staff members of a bar. According to TMZ‘s report, the model’s sister not only pulled hair, and kicked one staff member, but went extremely harsh by throwing her tampon at one female staff.

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Hailey Bieber's Sister Alaia Baldwin Aronow Arrested
Hailey Bieber’s Sister Alaia Baldwin Aronow Arrested (Images via Baldwin Aronow’s Instagram page)

The reports claim that soon after the police arrived, the incident was explained by two bouncers and a bartender. All of them had the same story about Justin Bieber‘s sister-in-law’s behavior. According to female staff, Alaia Baldwin Aronow wanted to throw up and change her tampon. For which she entered the employees-only bathroom, despite her trespassing of the rule, the staff member waited for a while for Hailey Bieber’s sister to come out.

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Things got wild when Alaia Baldwin Aronow allegedly threw her tampon at the female worker when she entered the bathroom to check on her. Thankfully the cops could manage the situation and stop the Baldwin family member. The report also claims that one of the responding officers claimed that Baldwin Aronow was just defending herself. However, she has been charged with simple assault, simple battery, battery and trespassing.

Alaia Baldwin Aronow Claimes She Was Forcefully Dismissed From The Bar

Alaia Baldwin Aronow
Alaia Baldwin Aronow (Image via her Instagram page)

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The news of Alaia Baldwin Aronow’s behavior is all over the internet, but according to E! News, a report shared her side of the story when talking to the cops. If we look at what Hailey Bieber’s sister did according to that report, it suggests that “Ms. Aronow stated she was forcefully removed from the club”. Initially, the social media personality did not accept pulling the hair of one staff member but later agreed.

“When confronted about her pulling Mr. O’Neill’s hair out and hitting Mr. Hill in the genitals. Ms. Aronow attempted to justify her action by stating she was defending herself.”

Another report obtained by People also states that Alaia Baldwin Aronow was captured in video, allegedly forcing her way into the staff members’ bathroom. The bouncers had to put her in a bear hug since Andrew Aronow’s wife kicked him in the genitals. Currently, there has been no statement from Alaia Baldwin Aronow’s lawyers or representatives.

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