It’s undeniable that the U.S. pop culture industry has created several popular superheroes that are recognizable around the world, but when you take a closer look at the other countries’ efforts you can see they aren’t to be outdone as well. The Shang-Chi film franchise is one example of how Hollywood and China together have been making impressive contributions when it comes to ideas for dramatic superhero films and we’re truly eager to see what this means for its loyal fans in terms of their own expectations when it comes to more films with the same theme set to hit theaters soon.

We should definitely keep an eye on this because superhero fanatics around the globe will not want to miss out on these offerings especially now that Sony and Disney might be prepping their new releases sooner rather than later. That being said, here’s a list of how popular superheroes from these 10 countries around the world look like –

The Ultraman From Japan

Ultraman is part of the culture not only in Japan but worldwide. For example, The Power Rangers show was inspired by Ultraman and even used the same color scheme with their costumes. It’s easy to see why that super sentai concept resonated so well; his strength comes from within and relies on an innovative arsenal of weapons which includes teleportation, flight, and laser beams.

Popular Superheroes
The Ultraman

Captain Canuck From Canada

Captain Canuck is a man of overflowing strength and speed. This is because he was granted these abilities by earth’s mightiest beings – the aliens from another world. Because of his courage and leadership, he quickly became the hero who protected Canadian soil with the best interest of his people in mind. Sadly, when Captain Canada came into use, it was time for Captain Canuck to hang up his boots. Since then no characters have been as successful with their transformation into superheroes as the original Canuck.

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Popular Superheroes From The World
Captain Canuck

Santo From Mexico

It is strange to say that a pro-wrestler is reminiscent of some of the movie’s best moments. But then again, originated from Mexico, Santo was a real live person so he can’t be faulted for his seemingly exaggerated battle against all creatures evil that might attack Earth and its inhabitants. It is well known that during his career as a professional wrestler, Santo had super strength and body endurance but in real-world terms, this equates to him being able to fight effectively even under dire circumstances.

Popular Superheroes In Mexico
Santo From Mexico

City Hunter From South Korea

Asian film has always been associated with unique individuals staging their own brand of justice. But what sets the last installment of City Hunter apart from the crowd is how it touch the base not just on one but multiple subcultures that are all found within modern Korean society spanning generations, gender roles, and political views. The protagonist Lee Yoon-Seong is a rather intelligent piece of writing as an observer more so than an actor alone.

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Popular Superheroes The World Knows
City Hunter From South Korea

The Burka Avenger From Pakistan

The Burka Avenger is Pakistan’s first female superhero. But due to the hot debate over the veil and whether it portrays a feminist message or perpetuates an archaic tradition, this show has been nicknamed the Burka Avenger instead of the name by which it was originally known – Burka Ninja.

Popular Superheroes In Asia
The Burka Avenger From Pakistan

Cicak-Man From Malaysia

It was a normal day like any other for Hairi when Saiful Apek suddenly gets infected by a strange, arachnid-based virus. As a result of the infection, Hairi has become a mutant superhero known as ‘Cicak-Man’ (a portmanteau of his nickname and also “Cicak” meaning gecko in Bahasa Malaysia).

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Popular Superheroes In The World
Cicak-Man From Malaysia

Jet Jungle From South Africa

Jet Jungle, from the hit radio series Jet Jungle, made his first appearance in the ’60s on the radio. In spite of there being only radio as a medium for entertainment, audiences were so thrilled by this technophile’s outer space adventures that he also inspired a popular comic series and has since become a cultural icon.

Jet Jungle Superheroes
Jet Jungle from South Africa

Tintin From Belgium

Although the Steven Spielberg-directed motion picture The Adventures of Tintin has sparked greater international interest in Belgium’s most famous journalist, many still wouldn’t realize just how tremendously Tintin influenced today’s modern entertainment sphere. From 1983 to 1986, Hergé wove captivating stories surrounding our charismatic young reporter and his beloved dog Snowy that number well over 50.

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Popular Superheroes In Belgium
Tintin From Belgium

Wah Ying-Hung From China

The martial arts genre is one of the most popular genres in the East and has been for a long time. There have been many stories written about it, but one character worth mentioning is Wah Ying-Hung: The Chinese hero. When many people think of a martial arts movie, they usually think of Bruce Lee; however, this comic is a bit different from what most people think of when it comes to martial arts comics. In this story, we see that Wah Ying-Hung lives in Chicago and claims he was born in China although he could not remember how old he was when his family moved to America during the 1920s.

Popular Superheroes In China
Wah Ying-Hung From China

Pafman From Spain

If women don’t feel like they’re represented respectfully in comics due to their representation’s over-sexualization, male readers have also had issues with this. This was seen in a character from Spain called Pafman from the comic series El Gran Wyoming. He is an out-of-shape man who tried his best to become powerful and impress the ladies but failed miserably. Pafman is similar to America’s Deadpool because he isn’t taken seriously by anyone and destroys any seriousness that could be there in a situation.

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Popular Superheroes In Comic World
Pafman From Spain

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