The Play-Station 5 or PS5 is an upcoming home video game, developed by the famous Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PS5 is the successor to (the last released) Play-Station 4. PS4 was launched in the year 2019, and PS5 will hit the markets by late 2020.

The first news regarding the upcoming videogame was heard first from Mark Cerny (the lead architect), in an interview with Wired in April 2019.

Release Date and the linked pre-order schedule of PS5

First official poster of PS5 by Sony.

Console always releases around November when the sales are higher, maximizing season shopping.

If the same pre-order schedule is to be followed as that of PS4, which began around June last year, then the company would launch the product around November.

Assuming no delay will be done in the pre-order schedule because of COVID-19, there would still be questions regarding manufacturing issues. 

The pandemic situation may lead to a small supply of the product and an even shorter list of buyers. 

So, the company would be waiting till all the dust settles and everything returns to normalcy. 

For pre-orders, buyers can sign up to PS5 notifications at BestBuy, GameStop, also try a hand at Target, and Amazon and Walmart would also be going live with PS5 pages.

Specialties and Hardware developments in PS5

dual sense controller
The newly launched dual sense controller of PS5(picture in the display).

The Play-Station 5  uses AMD’s Zen 2 microarchitecture, with 8 CPU cores running at a frequency of 3.5GHz. The GPU feature 36 CU at a variable frequency of 2.23GHz and capable of 10.28 TFLOPS. 

The system has a memory of 16 GB GDDR6 and possesses an Ultra- HD Blu-ray optical drive.

It has got internal storage of – Custom 825GB SSD and an external storage NVMe SSD slot. In contrast, additional storage can be made available through USB HDD. It has got a video output of 4K at 120 Hz and also supports 8K resolution. 

The system is also featuring a new DualSense wireless controller.

Games linked with PS5

Games that are almost confirmed to appear in PS5,

Sony Entertainment claims that PS5 will be backward compatible with the ” overwhelming majority” of PS4 games.

The list of games includes: 

  1. Godfall
  2. Quantum Error
  3. Gods and Monsters
  4. Gothic Remake
  5. Outriders
  6. Rainbow Six Quarantine
  7. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
  8. Watch Dogs: Legion
  9. Dying Light 2
  10. Cyberpunk 2077
  11. WRC 9
  12. Lords of the Fallen 2
  13. Microman

However, there have been rumors that the new release of PS5 would be $500, which seems relatively reasonable compared to its previous versions. Also, some of the stories suggest that a “Remastering Engine” feature would come into play.

So the buyers, especially gamers, need to roll up their sleeves and get ready for what lies ahead.


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