The ongoing feud between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has taken an ugly turn as their highly anticipated boxing match draws near. Even though the fight between Dillon Danis and the Paul brothers has been around for quite a few years, this time it has escalated to unprecedented heights as Danis is adamant about destroying, Paul’s son-to-be wife Nina Agdal’s public image. Even during his recent catch-up with Adin Ross, Danis has reportedly offered him a brief glimpse of Nina Agdal’s nuke picture.

Nina Agdal
Nina Agdal

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Dillon Danis Claims to Have Nuke Pics of Logan Paul’s fiancé Nina Agdal

Ever since the social media feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul started, Danis has not left any chance to attack the character of Nina Agdal the soon-to-be wife of Longan Paul. Taking on different social media channels Danis has repeatedly claimed that he has photos of Agdal that could destroy her public image forever.

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

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Taking on Twitter (formerly X) Danis last month talked about the pics and also advised his opponent Logan Paul to call off his marriage with Agdal.

Despite his repetitive claims Danis has not released the photos as he believes that it might lead to legal action which will further delay their upcoming boxing match which is scheduled on October 14. However, this has not stopped him from speaking about it time and again on the Internet. Recently during his catch-up with Adin Ross, Danis once again brought it up and reportedly provided Ross with a glimpse of the picture.

Adin Ross Left Speechless as Dillon Danis Allegedly Reveals a Shocking ‘Nuke’ Photo

On September 3 Adin Ross’ stream featured a sparring session between him and Dillon Danis. Even though it was only one side, it’s one particular clip has staged havoc on the internet. The video clips show Adin Ross questioning Dillon Danis on his claims of having Nina Agdal’s nuke picture.

Logan Paul with Nina Agdal
Logan Paul with Nina Agdal

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On this, Danis showed Ross something on his phone to which he appeared to be shocked. After seeing what apparently is said to be Nina Agdal’s nuke photo Ross says “Bro! That is wild bro. I actually feel really bad. That’s too far, bro.”

Even though there is no possible way to claim that Danis showed Ross any real picture, the scene itself has created a buzz among the viewers. While some support Danis others are very upset with how he is dragging Nina Agdal’s name through mud.

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