Who can forget the iconic pink engagement ring? It later started a trend of brides sporting colored diamonds. Although the engagement did not last long, the ring made an impression. To this day, the image of the ring is imprinted on people’s minds. Apparently, the big, bright, and very pink engagement ring is not in the possession of the singer anymore.

Jennifer Lopez recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show where she revealed this shocking insight. This made Ben Affleck ask for her hand in marriage twice with a similar iconic ring.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

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Did Jennifer Lopez lose the iconic pink diamond engagement ring?

During the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 2000s saga, Affleck presented the actress with a 6.10-carat radiant-cut pink Harry Winston diamond. It later increased the value of pink diamonds dramatically. She told  Diane Sawyer in the early 2000s,

 “I looked at the ring, and I was like, ‘Oh my God,–It was just – it’s the most magnificent thing.’”

Unfortunately, the engagement was pretty short-lived. Recently, when JLo joined Jimmy Kimmel to promote her new movie Shotgun Wedding, she revealed that she did not have it with her anymore.

“I don’t have it anymore”

Jennifer Lopez flaunting her pink diamond engagement ring
Jennifer Lopez flaunts her pink diamond engagement ring

She did not specify if she lost it or if she returned it to Ben Affleck. Whatever happened to that ring is still a mystery. Ben Affleck thus proposed to the love of his life once again with a similarly colored diamond. The 8.5-carat natural green colored diamond studded engagement ring by Ilan Portugali of Beverly Hills Diamonds was thought to be the perfect candidate to profess his love towards JLo once again.

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What does the green diamond engagement ring mean to Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck did not want to mess it up the second time around therefore he came prepared. To woo the woman he loves he went with her lucky color with a slight hint of the previous ring. This callback was much appreciated by the fans as well as Jennifer Lopez. She wrote in her newsletter, On The J-Lo,

“I always say the colour green is my lucky colour,”

She further added by stating how special the color green was to her and what meaning it holds by saying,

“Maybe you can remember a certain green dress. I’ve realised there are many moments in my life when amazing things happened when I was wearing green.”

Jennifer Lopez flaunts new green diamond engagement ring
Jennifer Lopez flaunts new green diamond engagement ring

On On the Floor with Zane Lowe, JLo revealed the message that was engraved in the engagement ring,

“Not. Going. Anywhere.”

Promising her that he will not be going anywhere from her this time around. Green is often connected to good fortune and tranquility and she thinks it’s no coincidence.

 “It has become one of my insights and philosophies…that anything you hold on to too tightly you will break. I love in this picture how the hand is wide open, and the bird is just sitting there… Not. Going. Anywhere. It’s about trust. We have to trust that what is for us, will be for us, no matter what. Trust and love.”

All in all, everything is very special this time around. They both have grown and learned from their previous mistakes and they are here to stay.

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