Gerard Pique hasn’t reached any settlement with Shakira for custody of his children till now. But Pique and his girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, no longer hide their relationship from the media. According to sources, on the trip to Paris, a certain comment has been leaked. It is reported that Pique commented to his friend, comparing the relationship he had with Shakira with the one he now has with Clara.

Gerard Pique on Shakira after Breakup

Gerard Pique and  Shakira Isabel
Gerard Pique and Shakira when they were together
According to Caras, a source close to the Barcelona defender revealed that Pique commented “I feel younger” comparing the age difference of his former partner Shakira with Clara.
It is also reported that Gerard Pique was seen enjoying the trip to Paris with his girlfriend. The two seem to be happy and rejoicing in their time together. During the same trip, Pique and Clara Chia were photographed kissing each other in an exclusive restaurant in a French city. Coincidently, it is said to be Shakira’s favorite dining spot in the city.

Who is Clara Chia Marti?

Google image
Clara Chia Marti

According to the Sources, Clara Chia Marti is a PR student who works for a company founded by Gerard Pique called Kosmos. Clara Chia Marti is an active Instagram user, but put her account on private after the relationship between the Barcelona defender and her came to light. After the dating rumors surfaced, images of Clara in swimwear flaunting her beauty were posted on her Instagram fan page.

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Gerard Pique and Shakira’s ongoing custody battle

Gerard Piqué and Shakira with their kids
Their kids

The ongoing custody battle between Gerard Pique and Shakira seems to have no end. After announcing their split in June after 11 years of being together, the custody of the children has become an issue. There was much speculation about their children Sasha and Milan, and with whom they are going to stay after the separation.

Pique wants them to stay in Barcelona, so their regular circle will not get disturbed because of the split. Pique seems to be uncomfortable with the thought of uprooting the kid’s life. But there are plenty of disagreements on this part between both parties, as Shakira wants to move to Miami with the kids as soon as possible.

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Source: EW

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