With the winter already here, a TikTok user named Klatto decided to go on a haul review from Kim Kardashian’s brand SKIMS. She reviewed various articles of clothes from the brand’s collection for her viewers.

The plus-size model tried on the mid-thigh sculpting body suit, a cotton duvet robe, and a pink onesie among others. Most of the clothes got average reviews as most of them did not fit her body perfectly. While modeling the onesie she even exclaimed that it made her look like “Patrick from SpongeBob”. In a similar way, the TikTok user pointed out the issues with the other items in the bag.

TikTok User Klatto Reviews SKIMS Haul For Winter

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Klatto is a TikTok User who goes by the username of @rosiebaby420 and recently did a haul review of Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand SKIMS. It is a shapewear and clothing brand known for its focus on body positivity and inclusivity. The brand includes shapewear, loungewear, and underwear and was co-founded by Kim K in 2019. The company was valued at over $3.2 billion in January 2022.

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Klatto who is herself a plus-size person decided to purchase various stuff from the brand. She shared the reviews with her followers by modeling them one by one. The first look was the cotton duvet robe with a price tag of 198 dollars. Reviewing the robe she shared, “This is super poofy, which I obviously knew, but it’s definitely a lot”. Another one was the brand’s most popular mid-thigh sculpting bodysuit which came at a price of 68 dollars. This one probably did not fit her body as she reviewed it saying,

“I feel like I’d wear it out, it’s cute. But it’s a little tighter than I thought,”

TikTok User Klatto
TikTok User Klatto

Next came a bralette along with a thong. According to Klatto, the two items cost 78 dollars and 48 dollars respectively. She tried on the pinkish sequin bralette with the thong which she seemed to like. The TikTok user described it saying, “It’s cute but it’s a little tight and it’s a little low”. Just like that most of the items of the haul received average reviews from the plus-size model.

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TikTok User Klatto jokes about looking like a cartoon character in a SKIMS Onesie

While reviewing all the items from the SKIMS haul, Klatto (@rosiebaby420) also tried on a bubble gum pink button-down onesie. It came at a price of 128 dollars and while modeling it she exclaimed jokingly,

“I loved seeing myself in it but I felt like Patrick Star [from SpongeBob].”

TikTok User Klatto
TikTok User Klatto

And followed that with the review of a 52-dollar cotton rib long-sleeved black top. According to her, the top was a bit loose and had to be worn over a bra to prevent slippage. And finally, the SKIMS haul review came to an end with Klatto trying on the  Fuchsia long-sleeved top. She approved the look of the top by saying that it was cute and the see-through quality of the top was better than she had imagined.

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Source: The U.S Sun

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