Brooke Shields recently discussed postpartum depression, which many women can relate to. The Blue Lagoon actress has two daughters and, like many other women, struggled with postpartum depression. Shields recalled all of the unpleasant experiences she had had during that time, as she had also been the victim of insensitive remarks from Tom Cruise.

Brook Shields with daughter Rowan
Brooke Shields with daughter Rowan

The Pretty Baby actress detailed her postpartum experience, and did not hold back in revealing how bad it got for her.

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Brooke Shields suffered postpartum depression after giving birth to daughter Rowan

Brooke Shields at an event
Brooke Shields at an event

In a recent interview with Marc Maron on WTF With Marc Maron podcast, Brooke Shields recalled almost killing herself. She explained that she was afraid of driving into a wall on California’s 405 freeway. This was shortly after the birth of her daughter Rowan in 2003. The 57-year-old actress describes her postpartum depression as a “very bad” experience. Just before the podcast episode, Shields had stopped taking her medication “cold turkey.” 

After the frightening car experience, the actress said she had to call her doctor from the car. Talking about how she felt about driving her car into the wall, the actress said,

“I thought I was going to drive my car into the wall on the 405. You see it happening. It has pictures. They rush, if you close your eyes, into your brain.”

Shields recalled how her doctor stayed on the phone until she arrived home and right when she got home, the doctor said, “You’re going back on the medicine immediately.”

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Tom Cruise called Brooke Shields irresponsible for promoting medications 

Tom Cruise at an event
Tom Cruise at an event

Tom Cruise and Shields’s feud over the use of medications came to light when Cruise stated that he disagrees with the actress. As Cruise believes in Scientology and is averse to the use of medications, he believed that Shields doesn’t understand it all. The 60-year-old actor said,

“The thing that I’m saying about Brooke is that there’s misinformation. She doesn’t understand the history of psychiatry.”

When host Matt Lauer asked him why he has this perspective, Cruise explained,

“I disagree with it. She doesn’t know what these drugs are, and for her to promote it is irresponsible.”

Shields quickly responded against Cruise for his insensitive remark about her claiming she was irresponsible and promoting the use of medications. The actress said

“If any good can come of Mr Cruise’s ridiculous rant, let’s hope that it gives much-needed attention to a serious disease.”

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Doctors later clarified to Cruise that he had been misinformed, and he accepted his mistake and apologized to Shields the next year for his harsh remarks. The Endless Love actress also accepted his apology and started talking more about postpartum depression as she thinks it is significant to spread awareness. 

Source: Page Six; Decider

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