American singer and actress, Ariana Grande, has won the hearts of people from around the world with her four-octave vocal range and her signature use of the whistle register. Apart from being a pop icon, she is also famous for her acting performances. 

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande in Positions music video | Source: Her Official YouTube

The Swindle actress is no longer a big fan of one of her acting roles. She rose to prominence by playing the role of Cat Valentine in the American sitcom, Victorious. However, at present, she seems a little upset about her role in the famous sitcom. 

Ariana Grande Opened Up About Filming Inappropriate Scenes in Victorious 

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine in Victorious
Ariana Grande in Victorious | Source: Nickelodeon

An influential figure in popular music, 30-year-old Ariana Grande reveals how her perspective has changed drastically about one of her roles. Playing the role of Cat earned her unparalleled fame. People loved her character and enjoyed the show, unsuspicious of what the actors were actually being subjected to.

However, Grande at present feels like she should not have filmed a few inappropriate scenes for the television series. She mentions that although she found filming those scenes a cool differentiation back then, she can’t anymore agree with the same.

Grande recently appeared in a podcast interview named Podcrushed, co-hosted by her The Boy Is Mine music video co-star Penn Badgley. She stated how her role as Cat upsets her now when she remembers the inappropriate scenes that she filmed. 

I don’t know, I think it just all happened so quickly, and now looking back on some of the clips I’m like, ‘Damn, really? Oh s**t’…I guess I’m upset, yeah.

Grande said that although she was excited back then with all the opportunities and everything, the grown version of her could clearly spot the mistake. 

Ariana Grande Believes Young Performers Should Have a Safer Environment

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Source: arianagrande on Instagram

The hitmaker has also discussed how parental supervision is a must when a set includes teen or child actors. She also mentioned via the podcast that if child and teen performers have to be subjected to this kind of exposure, then therapy should be made mandatory. 

I think parents should allowed to be wherever they want to be, and I think not only on kids’ sets. If anyone wants to do this, or music, or anything at this level of exposure, there should be in the contract something about therapy is mandatory twice a week or thrice a week, or something like that.

Although neither Grande nor the podcast hosts brought up the recent Investigation Discovery documentary sensation Quiet on Set, which includes many allegations of misconduct against former Nickelodeon creator Dan Schneider, the singer said that it was “devastating” to hear the stories of former fellow child actors.

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