Actor Daniel Craig, who is widely known for playing James Bond, recently opened up about how he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. He explained that he is new to this famous lifestyle. The actor starred in five James Bond movies and gained popularity over the years due to his versatile performance as the British Spy. He played James Bond for the first time in Casino Royale (2006) and was applauded by fans all over the world. However, the actor explained that he does not like being famous. The actor left behind the role after No Time to Die (2021).

Daniel Craig does not like to be in the spotlight

Daniel Craig
Actor Daniel Craig

Actor Daniel Craig recently had a Q&A session with Stephen Colbert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center at the 2022 Montclair Film Festival. During the interview, the actor explained that he does not like to be in the spotlight. He said,

“I used to hate it (the spotlight), but I think that was fame I didn’t like. I had to get used to being famous which is still so foreign to me.”

The actor became a household name thanks to his work as James Bond in the five films he played Agent 007.

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The actor talked about getting replaced

Daniel Craig As James Bond
Daniel Craig As James Bond

The actor left behind the British spy’s role in 2021 after starring in No Time to Die. He explained in the interview that the series will go on without him, “It’s not my problem. It (Bond) will continue without me.” Craig also revealed that his favorite James Bond film is Goldfinger (1964) which featured Sir Sean Connery in the lead role.

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Daniel Craig thought James Bond fans didn’t like him

No Time to Die
Daniel Craig in No Time to Die (2021)

Back in 2006, when it was announced that Daniel Craig will play James Bond in Casino Royale, there were mixed reactions from the public. However, after the film came out, fans applauded his performance and he starred in four more films in the franchise – Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015), and No Time to Die (2021).

In the interview, the actor also revealed that he thought the fans of the franchise did not like him. He said, “Everybody f*****g hated me.” He was also asked what advice he would give to his younger self. The actor said, “I think about this quite a lot. I don’t think I would’ve listened. I would’ve just told me to go f*** myself.” He joked that his younger self wouldn’t have listened no matter what was said.

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