Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have been an A-list couple in Hollywood, who made some spicy headlines back in their days. Although known for their dirty divorce, the couple rarely made headlines for their estranged relationship. Entering Hollywood’s gossip town to get some insights regarding Nicole Kidman’s marriage to Tom Cruise. 

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman opens up about her marriage

Throwback to the time when Kidman startled her audiences with her confessions about Cruise and spoke in detail about her marriage. Speaking to Vanity Fair in 1995, Nicole Kidman threw light upon her relationship with her then-husband Tom Cruise. The actress even confessed to being intimidated by Cruise’s salary. 

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Nicole Kidman Was Daunted By Tom Cruise’s Salary

The 1990s was a difficult time for the entertainment industry. People barely recognized celebrities on the streets and fame was only handed to those who deserved it. Nicole Kidman although a famous name in the recent era, the person behind the name had to struggle a lot during her inception. Appearing for an interview with Vanity Fair before her 28th birthday, Kidman barely had minuscule fame compared to the popularity of her husband. 

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

But needless to say, Tom Cruise was delighted to have the Rabbit Hole actress in his life. Loving her daredevil side and willingness to create a family, Cruise was smitten by the actress. However, it wasn’t enough for Kidman for she confessed to being daunted by her husband’s fame and fortune. Embarrassed with her own salary, the actress kept stating “It’s too small” and “It’s embarrassing”. Although the couple divided their responsibilities equally, they definitely struggled to maintain career equity. It was no doubt “a daunting task when your husband reportedly bags $15 or $20 million per movie”. 

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Nicole Kidman Was Driven By Her Career

Nicole Kidman started a family with Tom Cruise by adopting Isabella from the Church of Scientology. Although people frowned upon their decision of adopting rather than having biological children of their own, the couple was quite happy with their family. Kidman mentioned confidently, how the two divide their time for each other as well as for their children. The Moulin Rogue actress blushed while speaking about her husband, “He’s very romantic, more romantic than I am. He buys flowers; he writes letters.” 

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman was daunted by Cruise’s fortune

Looking proud of her choice and confessing her happiness, she shared how thoughtful Tom Cruise was. However, her happiness always seemed to settle down when it came to her career and balancing their fortunes equally. The actress mentioned aiming for equality in their career. “Sometimes I feel his career is more important, and I have to say, No, wait a minute—me doing a small-budget film is important to me! He’s very liberated in that way or has become so. I had to work at it.” Kidman shared. 

The actress has always been driven by her work and has been serious about her career. Thus, keeping the sense of morality in mind, Kidman seemingly fought with Cruise as a competitor, in regard to her career. Kidman eventually reached success and even won the Oscars under the Best Actress category for The Hours in 2003. 

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Source: Vanity Fair

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