The success of one of the most beloved and cult-favorite sitcoms The Office is not hidden from anyone. From the show to its characters and their iconic comic timing, everything has been loved by fans even after all these years. Back in 2005, the show was considered, to be one of the biggest hits as it made a place in the heart of every teenager. The craze for this show was so much so that even the well-known star of the show Oscar Nunez was amazed by its fan base. In an interview talking about this Oscar Nunez who played the character of Oscar Martinez expressed his astonishment at the fervor exhibited by fans during the show’s appearance at the Paley Fest.

Oscar Nunez in The Office
Oscar Nunez in The Office

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Oscar Nunez was astonished by the fanbase of The Office

In a candid interview, Oscar Nunez talked about his realization of the extent of The Office show’s fan base following his experience at the Paley Fest. Oscar Nunez recalled the time when he was surprised by the intensity of fans’ enthusiasm at the Paley Fest an annual television festival that celebrates the cultural impact of various television programs for The Office.

Recalling this huge fan base Nunez also said that The Office was the show of youngsters just like Monty Python was his show during his teens. During the conversation, Nunez also said that as he was working on the show, he never thought that it had become such a big hit or had such a strong fan base.

The Office
The Office

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Talking about this Oscar Nuez said “It’s crazy. I didn’t realize it until we went to the Paley Fest. That’s when it hit me. I’m like, oh, I get it, This is like when I was in high school or when I was 13 and I was watching Monty Python… If I was to run into Eric Idle, or John Cleese in the street, I would have s**t my pants! And this is their Monty Python, these young people. This is their show. You don’t realize, it because you’re working on it, but this is what it means to them. I’m going “Oh wow, this is the show. This is the show.”

Even though most of the stars of this fan-favorite sitcom were not aware of its craze among the youth, The Office stands as a shining example of how a show can capture the hearts of its viewers not only during its original run but also all these years.

The Office Reboot

The cult favorite sitcom The Office is all set to spread laughter once again as it makes its reboot on Amazon Prime. The most loved show The Office originally starred in the UK as a mockumentary show. However, following the popularity of the show, a US version was launched in 2005 which had Steve Carell as its lead role.

The Office
The Office

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This time there is said to be yet another reboot of this beloved show from Australia. The plan for this reboot has been under development since 2018. However, this time the story will revolve around the post-covid era when the packaging company Flinley Craddick experienced a shutdown with staff forced to work from home. Despite this new twist, even this reboot is said to derive laughter from its cringe-worthy mismanagement.

This reboot of The Office will be released on Amazon Prime Video in 2024.

Source: IGN 

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