Brooke Shields has had a tough career early on. She was subject to a lot of abuse and harassment as a child artist. Her recent documentary made startling revelations about the ugly culture in Hollywood. It was a sobering reminder of the abuse and ill-treatment meted out to young stars and females.

Recently, Brooke Shields revealed that director Randal Kleiser tried reaching out to her. However, she wasn’t comfortable with taking the call and left it at voicemail. She apparently does not want to revisit the past.

Brooke Shields Reveals The Blue Lagoon Director Called Her 

Brooke Shields and Drew Barrymore
Brooke Shields and Drew Barrymore

The famous American model and actress Brooke Shield has shared many shocking revelations in her newly released Hulu documentary. In her two-part film series, the actress opened up about the sexual assault she encountered in her early 20s in Hollywood. During her recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the Endless Love star said she received a phone call from The Blue Lagoon movie director Randal Kleiser following the release of Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. 

Recalling the episode Brooke Shields told Barrymore,

“I saw his name on my phone, and I was like, oh, what do I do? and I let it go to voicemail. Because I was like, I want to see what the tone is. He wants to chat. I don’t know about what, but I don’t feel like bringing any of it back up again.”

Brooke Shields and Drew Barrymore
Brooke Shields

Shield’s documentary focuses on her experiences in the film industry. She started working at a young age and her role in the 1980s The Blue Lagoon caught everyone’s attention for the portrayal of a sexual relationship between the movie characters. The actress was 15 years old at the time of filming, and her costar Christopher Atkins was 18 years old.

Talking about her early career the Pretty Baby actress said,

“It’s not about that. It was about these males needing me to be in a certain category to serve their story, and it never was about me, it was not protective of me. It was fun and loving at times, but I was just there. I was a pawn, I was a piece, I was a commodity.”

The Blue Lagoon movie actress’s two-part documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields is now streaming on Hulu.

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Brooke Shields Opens Up About Being Sexually Assaulted by a Hollywood Insider

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields finally opened up for the first time about the heartbreaking incident which occurred when she was looking to resume her acting journey in Hollywood. However, a tragic incident left her shocked. 

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Shields also addressed the same in her series but didn’t reveal the identity of her assaulter in her documentary. The actress claimed it took many years of therapy to even be able to talk about it publically. 

The Midnight Meat Train actress shared that she was sexually assaulted at the age of 20 by a powerful Hollywood executive. She said,  

“No one is going to believe me. People weren’t believing those stories back then. I thought I would never work again. Doing the documentary, you see it all together, and it’s a miracle that I survived.”

She continued,

“I thought I was getting a movie, a job. After dinner with a Hollywood executive, I thought I was getting a movie, a job. I didn’t fight. I just froze. I kept saying, I shouldn’t have done that. Why did I go up with him? I shouldn’t have had that drink at dinner. It was really easy to disassociate because by then it was old. And because it was a fight-or-flight type of choice. The fight was not an option, so you just leave your body. You’re not there. It didn’t happen.”

The actress went on to explain why she chose to share the tragic incident in her documentary. She said,

“I did not know if or when or if at all I was ever going to bring this up. It has taken me many years of therapy to even be able to talk about it. I definitely have worked very hard through it, and I’ve learned to process it. And I’ve come to a place, and we’ve come to a time in our society, where we can talk about these things much more openly.”

Brooke Shields continued,

“I had no idea I was going to say it. I thought, I have arrived at this place, and I feel as a mother of two young girls that I hope that just by even hearing my incident that I can add myself to becoming an advocate. Because this is something that does happen every day, and it should not be happening. I felt that I had arrived at a place where I could talk about it. It’s taken me a long time.”

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Brooke Shields is now excited to start the new chapters in her life. And despite it all, the actress said she loves to be in the film industry.

Source: The Drew Barrymore Show- Brooke Shields

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