Although he is mostly known for being Jennifer Lopez’s ex at one point in pop culture, Alex Rodriguez is a baseball player by profession. He has a career in the sport that spans more than two decades. However, that has somehow affected his skin and as Rodriguez shared once, he hardly had any skincare regime ever.

And even though he ventured into a skincare business, it had been merely for business, and not due to any personal interest. A-rod opened up that he regretted not taking care of his skin. However, it seemed to be in a relationship with Lopez might have helped things improve.

Alex Rodriguez Reveals His Mistake of Not Taking Care of His Skin

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

As it turns out, Alex Rodriguez was never much of a skincare enthusiast. And reportedly he never adopted any kind of skincare routine throughout his profession as a baseball player. Naturally, the consequences must have been bad for his skin which was due to Rodriguez being exposed to the sun all the time while playing in the field.

But years later his relationship with Jennifer Lopez helped improve things in his life in terms of the skincare department. The former baseball player told People magazine,

In many ways, I’m paying the price now, but I’m catching up and I do see an improvement”

For those who may not know, Lopez is known for having a strict diet and skincare routine. She keeps it a priority to take care of what goes into her body. Therefore living with her, it seems that it was inevitable for A-rod to not get into a bit of skincare at least.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

This way, J-Lo helped “rectify” Rodriguez’s mistake of ignoring the health of his skin throughout his career. Moreover, after baseball, he along with Lopez invested in a healthcare venture called HIMS & HERS. However, that was purely from a business perspective rather than a personal interest in the market.

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A Look At Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had already met back in 2005 during a Yankees game. However, they got in touch once again after more than a decade of a gap since then. Romance brewed between them and the pair got engaged to be married in 2019. However, only two later Lopez and A-rod decided to call it quits and reportedly it was the cheating allegations against Rodriguez. That seemingly broke JLo’s trust in her then-fiance. A source shared with People magazine around the time,

She tried to work it out but there were too many issues to resolve,”

To not live with the fear of getting cheated on, Lopez reportedly decided to quit the whole relationship. But things were amicable between the two even after the split according to reports.

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Source: People

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