Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s much-hyped messy defamation trial not only brought them into the media spotlight but also negatively impacted their acting career. After parting ways, the ex-couple has already gone different ways. The Zombieland actor is living peacefully in Spain with her daughter Oonagh Paige currently.

Amber Heard
Actor Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp made a comeback with the movie Jeanne Du Barry at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. However, much before her divorce and defamation trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actor felt that she did not apologize enough.

Amber Heard’s Most Overused Phrase Is ‘I’m Sorry’

During an interview with the reputed media outlet Vanity Fair in 2013, Amber Heard spoke about her movie Paranoia with Liam Hemsworth, her family, and her idea of perfect happiness. At the end of the interview, The Rum Diary actor was asked about her most overused words or phrases, to which Amber Heard replied-

“I’m sorry. Perhaps, I don’t use it enough actually.”

Amber Heard
Amber Heard with her daughter

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From her reply, it is quite evident that the actor thought that she did not apologize enough before her trial with Johnny Depp began. Post her defamation trial the actor is back in the spotlight with her upcoming DC project Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. In the sequel of the 2018 released Aquaman, Amber Heard would be seen playing the character of Mera, the love interest of Arthur, portrayed by Jason Momoa.

Elon Musk’s Autobiography Reveals A Lot About His Relationship With Amber Heard

Written by the 71-year-old celebrated author Walter Isaacson, the Elon Musk biography is based on the life of the Tesla CEO. It was released on September 12, 2023. The book also mentions the business giant’s fling with the Aquaman actor Amber Heard. In the chapter Rocky Relationships, Elon Musk has provided his input on his relationship with the actor.

As reported by the media outlet People according to the book Elon Musk, the actor has mentioned-

“I guess I could be called a geek for someone who can also be called a hot chick,” 

In the biography, Elon Musk spoke about his relationship with Amber Heard and even labeled it as brutal, whereas Amber Heard mentioned that she still loves her ex and even added-

“Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.”

Amber Heard
Amber Heard with Elon Musk

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According to Elon Musk’s 50-year-old brother Kimbal-

“It’s really sad he falls in love with these people who are really mean to him. They’re beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side and Elon knows that they’re toxic,” 

In an interview conducted by The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, Amber Heard spoke about her relationship with Elon Musk and said-

“Elon and I had a beautiful relationship, and we have a beautiful friendship now, one that was based on our core values. Intellectual curiosity, ideas, and conversation, a shared love for science. We just bonded on a lot of things that speak to who I am on the inside. I have so much respect for him.”

According to the biography, Elon Musk saw Amber Heard in 2013’s Machete Kills, They dated on and off for months before officially separating in 2018.

Source: Vanity Fair/ The Hollywood Reporter/ People

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