A video is recently surfacing on Twitter. The video is a fan edit on Doctor Strange 2. Fan edits are getting very popular nowadays. It often has music and combines several clips of a celeb or character. The process of making fan edits is known as “vidding.” Edits provide you the chance to share your fandom.

Marvel fans all over the world are aware of how terrible things become for the Earth-838 Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2. They were not able to withstand the abilities of the Scarlet Witch. This hilarious edit might bring you into a good mood.

What Is The Edit On Doctor Strange 2 About?

Professor X return in Doctor Strange 2
Professor X

The edit is of the part when Strange was captured by the Illuminati. He was standing there when Professor X showed up. The hilarious edit is about 20 seconds. In the video, Professor X seemed like he was skateboarding on his chair.

The professor is then seen to be taking a turn around Doctor Strange. It seemed like the professor was skateboarding just like Tony Hawk. This video got popular with 10 thousand retweets. The disappointing faces of the other Illuminati members were hilarious. Undoubtedly, the best part of the video was where Professor X went around at the end. The other members and Doctor Strange were serious during that.

Who Is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk's Twitter
Tony Hawk

In its entirety, Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder. He is from the United States and helped skateboarding become more popular. With his technical advancements, prosperous equipment, apparel businesses, and tireless marketing efforts.

He is among the most well-known athletes in the world. Tony Hawk is constantly at the top of his game. Be it vert skating, performing tricks on the street, or demolishing the neighborhood skatepark. As mentioned in an article by surfertoday. The comparison of Tony Hawk to the professor done by the fans was apt.

What Was The Scene Between Doctor Strange And The Illuminati?

Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati Cells Holds him as prisoner
Doctor Strange And Illuminati

Doctor strange meets Illuminati in another universe. In addition to the same purpose as the crew in the movie to watch, guard, and keep an eye on numerous threats in the vast universe of superheroes Multiverse of Madness borrows the covert group from the books.

The corrupted Wanda Maximoff breaks into the institution in search of America Chavez as the Illuminati sets up a trial for Doctor Strange that appears to be leading to his execution. The Illuminati is ready to confront her. But each member meets a brutal death and many fans agree that the scene was hard to watch.

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