There is no lack of stories about actors taking it to an extreme when it comes to getting into the character. And in Hollywood, if there is one person that cannot be ignored while discussing method acting, it is none other than Jared Leto.

Since he started in the film industry to the present, Leto has successfully delivered excellent performances. And it seems that it comes down to what techniques he makes use of while taking on a role. And just like many of his characters, while playing Mark Chapman in Chapter 27, the application of method acting led him to gain weight and isolate himself from others on set.

Weird and remarkable at the same time. But this is just one of the many weird behind-the-scenes stories concerning Leto and his acting technique.

Jared Leto’s Method Acting Led Him To Have Zero Interaction with Co-Stars

Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Unsurprisingly, Jared Leto took the character of Mark Chapman (John Lenon’s murderer) for the 2007 biographical Chapter 27 very seriously. As Chapman had been a much heavier man (overweight) physically, Leto wanted to feel the emotions that heavier people who are not considered conventionally attractive in society went through.

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Therefore instead of putting on a fat suit, the Suicide Squad actor gained extra pounds and it seemed to have helped him embody his role more completely. The actor revealed in the past that he remained in the character for 24 hours and it also affected the way he carried himself. Talking about it Leto shared, “For me, it was an experience that I had to have alone”

He mentioned that being an overweight guy, even on the set, he felt rejection and mockery around him.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto

This led him to understand and inhabit Chapman’s character more wholly, which also meant isolation from his co-stars. However, all this is normal when it comes to Leto and his ‘method acting’.

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More on Jared Leto’s Method Acting Incidents

Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Aside from transforming physically, Jared Leto is known for acting out according to his character’s mindset. For instance, the time when he was playing the role of a  psychotic villain Joker in Suicide Squad, he sent a rat to his co-star Margot Robbie. He cleared that it was a live one at that, saying,

“The point was to inspire some chaos and insanity on the set.”

It had undoubtedly dreamed everyone out on the set. Just what Leto had been trying to do.

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