Back in 2021, Sandra Bullock sat down for the About Last Night podcast where she discussed the awkward “naked”  scene in her 2009 movie The Proposal. It is one of the most memorable scenes from a rom-com movie. According to Bullock, she felt a sense of “camaraderie” with Reynolds which made it much easier for her while shooting the scene. The Ocean’s 8 actor also shared how she had known her co-star since the time of their prepubescence. And therefore she trusted the Deadpool actor with the comedic but all-out-in-the-open scene. Further, she provided more details by recollecting a particular memory involving Reynolds’ private part.

Sandra Bullock shared the Reason she Chose to do The Naked Scene

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

In the iconic 2009 rom-com The Proposal, there is one memorable and hilarious scene that viewers and fans might remember distinctly. In the scene, Sandra Bullock’s character slips and falls onto Ryan Reynold’s character while they are both naked. Undoubtedly, it was an awkward and embarrassing situation both on and off screen. After 12 years since the iconic romedy premiered, Bullock discussed the scene in a 2021 episode of the About Last Night podcast.

She shared lots of behind-the-scenes details involving the particular scene. The actor also revealed the reason she chose to do it. According to Bullock, being naked for a movie scene was only possible because she trusted her co-star. The Lost City star went on to share the particular circumstance or reason that made her do the scene.  Bullock said,

“I was like, ‘I will do this naked scene only if I can be humiliated and funny”.

According to the Ocean’s 8 actor,  the “purpose” for being naked for a scene, plus a trusted co-star resulted in the scene coming to life. Referring to Reynolds, she said,

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

with a friend that you trusted comedically, and safety-wise I knew I was in the presence of safety.”

Additionally, as per People, Bullock shared in the podcast that she and the Deadpool actor went way back to prepubescent times. And therefore this familiarity had a huge role in her decision to go naked.

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Some Behind-the-Scene Details on the Iconic Scene

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

While speaking about her decision for the naked scene in The Proposal, Sandra Bullock also broke down the details of what actually went down during the filming. Bullock shared in the About Last Night podcast that while doing the scene both she and Ryan Reynolds’ were naked except for their private parts. According to Bullock,

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“Ryan and I have these flesh-colored things stuck to our privates, my hair is strategically over the nipples, and Ryan’s little—not little, at all!

However, she further shared that she did not take a look at Reynold’s private organ saying,  “I don’t know because I didn’t see it, I didn’t look!”

The Ocean’s 8 star also recollected a funny memory. Reynolds’ p**is had become accidentally visible at one point. But according to Bullock, throughout the situation, the Deadpool actor had been “absolutely unflappable” and cool.

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