Disney has been under the radar for a long time after its constant change in power. The company has been through many shocking events over the last few years. Disney saw a power change as Bob Iger took control of the company once again in 2022. Iger has made the jump into retirement after delaying it several times occasions.

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Walt Disney Company

He made his intention to resign as CEO of Disney on February 25, 2020. The 72-year-old personally chosen replacement, Bob Chapek, who was at the time Disney’s parks chairman, would take over the day-to-day management of the business. However, things took a turn when Bob Iger returned to his duties in November 2022. In a recent article, the executives of Disney revealed the endgame of Bob Iger.

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Disney’s executives reveal Bob Iger’s cunning endgame

Bob Iger's 2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting Remarks - The Walt Disney Company
Bob Iger

Since Bob Iger took over from former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the Walt Disney Company has made some fascinating judgments and taken some noteworthy actions. The company has seen massive layoffs, conflicts with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, stream restructuring, and even a tilt toward gambling.

Many people have grown increasingly critical after the return of Iger as CEO. In a report discussing the issues, the Walt Disney Company has had with the succession from Bob Chapek to Bob Iger, CNBC talked to a dozen current and former Disney executives. The report, from CNBC media reporter Alex Sherman, revealed shocking details.

Many current and former executives said privately that Iger’s endgame is to remain CEO as long as possible before selling Disney to Apple. Iger has already expressed interest in separating the Walt Disney Company from the old cable networks and ABC, and he has already let go of 7,000 workers. He might be getting ready to sell Disney.

The main reason Bob Iger might be thinking of selling the Mouse House to the tech giant is because of his relationship with Apple. The 72-year-old has a personal relationship with founder Steve Jobs.

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Fans react to Bob Iger’s end goal concerning Disney

Apple Might Soon Acquire Disney As Rumour Suggests Bob Iger is Preparing to Sell
Bob Iger

As the news about Bob Iger’s supposedly endgame broke on CNBC, fans turned to X to share their thoughts about it. Some were worried about the thought of Apple taking over Disney. A person posted, “If Apple buys Disney it’s over for all of us.” It was followed by other tweets:

While many are discussing the reasons for Iger to sell Disney to the tech giant, there are even more reasons for the current Disney CEO not to sell the House of Mouse. Disney is the biggest brand of them all, while Apple hardly ever acquires household names. Additionally, Apple lacks knowledge of cable television, theme parks, or the kinds of consumer goods that Disney specializes in.

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Source: CNBC

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