Recently, Matthew Perry appeared for an interview on The View to promote his memoir ‘Friends And Lovers and Big Terrible Things’.  The Friends actor responded to various questions made by the panel of hosts. Many topics mentioned in the book were discussed and brought up. Perry shared that he was happy even while dealing with the disease and had several moments of relapses.

He further explained he was grateful, for having worked in ‘Friends‘ during the time he was suffering from alcohol addiction. Due to his work, he was able to reduce his alcohol intake. He revealed the start of his addictions had been while he was very young. And he also spoke about drugs when he first got the taste of them.

Matthew Perry on His Alcohol and Drug Addiction Journey

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

The 17 Again actor discussed about the contents of his new memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers, and Big Terrible Things’, on The View. From drug abuse to medical health issues and starring on ‘Friends’, he opened up about a lot of stuff. Whoopi Goldberg, one of the panelists started with the information that a medical issue had almost taken Perry’s life. She expressed her surprise that at the time Perry’s doctor had declared he only had a 2 percent chance of survival. But he was still present in the show all healthy. Matthew Perry responded by saying that he was healthy and happy and had a book published now. He said,  “That’ s why I’m wearing glasses because I’m an Author now”.

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Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

He was then inquired about the start of his medical issues and addictions. According to one of the panelists, Perry had mentioned he had got his first taste of alcohol at only 14 years old. After that, he also suffered an injury while Jet skiing with Salma Hayek, his co-star from ‘Fools Rush In’. From then on the Friends actor’s intake escalated and he ended up with an addiction.

While Perry was going through alcohol addiction, he got his most popular role as ‘Chandler Bing’ in the TV sitcom Friends. The 17 Again actor revealed that although he was hooked on alcohol, starring in the show forced him to reduce his alcohol intake. But he mentions he would still be hungover while shooting.

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Matthew Perry shares about being Happy

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

The 17 Again actor shared that he lived almost half of his life going from one medical treatment to another. But he confidently said he was sober since 2001. Perry revealed that nevertheless, there were several moments of slips saying,

“The rest of my life has been battling this disease, you know… I’ve been mostly sober since 2001. But I’ve had a tremendous amount of slips”.

Following that Perry was shown an old interview of his while he was battling with addiction. In that interview, he mentioned that he was still happy even while suffering from addiction. Then Perry was questioned whether he was happy presently. He replied that if he was not happy and sober he would not have taken up the journey of writing a whole memoir. Perry says,

“I am happy and I had to wait until I was this kind of… sobriety safe to write this book because you don’t want to write a book like this and be seen yelling in the street”

The Friends actor and the panelists agreed on how surprisingly difficult the recovery process was.

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