In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is all set to win back ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes’s heart. After going through a life-threatening medical condition, Foxx can’t think of anything but, Katie Holmes. Sources confirm that Foxx is on a mission to get his ex-girlfriend back into his life years after their breakup

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

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A Second Chance for Love and Life: Jamie Foxx on a mission to win Katie Holmes back

After health complications lead Jamie Foxx to hospital this month, the actor-comedian has now set himself on a mission to win back ex-girlfriend Kaite Holmes. Talking to the National Enquire an insider has confirmed that Foxx believes that his six years long relationship with his ex-girlfriend was a ‘romance born of passion’.

This medical complication has sent Foxx to “hell and back” and ever since his recovery he just can’t get over the fact that he let Holmes slip through his fingers.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

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Talking about this the insider said “Jamie has dated scores of beautiful women in his life, but none came close to matching what he had with Katie. Their chemistry was off the charts. It was a romance born of passion but became so much more. In hindsight, Jamie can’t believe he let her slip through his fingers.”

The insider also said, Jamie Foxx completely respects the fact that Holmes has moved now, but he is still willing to give it a shot to see if she would take him back as that would be a dream come true for him.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes: A love story

The candid love story between Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes started back in 2013 when both stars were spotted dancing together at a charity event in East Hampton. Ever since then, the rumors about them being together were at their peak but both of them decided to downplay all of them.

However, later in 2015, the couple was spotted together in public holding hands giving a semi-official confirmation of their relationship. By 2016 and 2017 both Foxx and Holmes were seen attending different events like Clive Davi’s pre-Grammy party and a pre-Grammy gala together. In 2018 both of the actors were photographed holding hands while walking on the beach.

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes on beach
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes on Beach

After spending six years together, the couple finally called it off in 2019 as they were not able to spend much time together due to their busy schedule. However, almost three years after their breakup, Jamie Foxx again finds himself going back to Kaite Holmes. As Jamie Foxx gets more determined with his mission to get Holmes back, fans are eagerly waiting for the reaction of the actress on this entire matter.

Source: RADAR 

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