Talk show host Kelly Ripa has been a part of the industry for more than three decades now. Her first major TV appearance was in 1986 on the dance reality TV series, Dancin’ On Air. She also went on to take up various acting gigs. Since 2001, she has been the co-host of the morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Back in 2014, Ripa lost a bet to actor George Clooney and was forced to appear on national TV without any makeup. George Clooney is widely known for his pranks, the actor has pranked a lot of celebrities.

Kelly Ripa lost a bet to George Clooney

Kelly Ripa hosting the show without makeup
Kelly Ripa hosting the show without makeup

Back in February 2004, Kelly Ripa lost a Super Bowl bet to actor George Clooney and as per the bet she had to host Kelly and Ryan without putting on makeup. She said,

“Calm down, we’ll all get through this together. Don’t adjust your dials. There’s nothing wrong with your TV. One of us is wearing makeup today, and one of us isn’t. Not even anti-shine. I labored under the delusion that I looked OK without makeup until I came out here and I went, ‘Oh my God!'”

The TV host further revealed that she lost a Super Bowl bet that forced her to appear without makeup. She said,

“I’ve never lost a Super Bowl bet, ever, in my life. So imagine: A, losing, B, losing and you can’t wear makeup and C…what’s C?”

It was a light-hearted moment as Michael Strahan even praised her natural look.

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George Clooney is known to be a prankster

George Clooney and Kelly Ripa
George Clooney and Kelly Ripa

Actor George Clooney is widely known for his jokes and pranks. The actor once shrunk Matt Damon’s clothes while shooting The Monuments Men to prank Damon into believing that he was gaining weight. He has also pranked other famous celebrities including Brad Pitt. As per a report by People, the actor passed on some of his pranks to his daughters during the pandemic. Given his background, Ripa should’ve thought twice before the bet.

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Kelly Ripa is very open about her skin routine

Kelly Ripa
TV host Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa has always been candid about her appearance. In the past, she has revealed a “life-changing” treatment to her fans. She has been candid about the usage of Botox and once talked about it,

“It was a life-changing experience. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it was divine for me. I did not understand that so many people around me were getting Botox—I just thought I was aging in dog years and nobody else was. For me, it was just more of my comfort level. If I worked off camera, I would not wash my hair with regularity or wear makeup but when I started to see things that I didn’t like, I thought, well, the next turtleneck is going to have two eye holes.”

She added that no one forced her into getting the treatment and it was completely her own decision. The TV host concluded by saying that she isn’t encouraging everyone to get botox but it worked quite well for her.

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