Kim Kardashian has been trying her best to keep her life drama free by avoiding her ex-husband in public. The fashion icon and Kanye West share four children, daughters North and Chicago and sons Saint and Psalm, and they both are maintaining a co-parenting relationship. Almost a year later after their split sources reported that the former couple “has been in a better place.”

Kim Kardashian is avoiding Kanye West
Kim Kardashian is avoiding Kanye West

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Kanye West is always a topic of controversy and makes headlines for his savage behavior. Recently the rapper attended his son Saint’s soccer game in Los Angeles and has been spotted getting into a heated argument with a parent, and Kim Kardashian was seen reportedly avoiding the scene to keep things cool.

Kim Kardashian Is Getting Heat From Other Soccer Parents Because of Kanye West’s Behavior

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Following the argument that happened between Kanye West and the parent of another student, the parent asked the rapper’s former wife to stop him from attending their kid’s games with this kind of hate and attitude. An Insider reported:

“Many of the families and kids are Jewish and they feel personally attacked by Kanye, which is most likely what caused the altercation at Saint’s soccer game. Kim feels helpless because she does not have any control over Kanye.”

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Another source wrote:

“Kim has been getting heat from the other parents at Saint’s soccer games and the consensus among the parents is that they do not want Kanye to be attending their kid’s games with the volatile hate that he has been spewing.”

It seems like the reality show star is helpless and doesn’t have any control over him so avoiding the rapper is the best she can do. Another source added, “Kim feels like she has been watching Kanye sink his ship from the safety of her shore.” Well, it’s entirely fair for the parents to be mad at Kanye West but it’s unfair for them to drag Kim Kardashian into this matter or hold her accountable for his behavior.

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Kim Kardashian Feels ‘Powerless’ Due to Kanye West’s Bipolar Attitude

Kim Kardashian struggles due to her ex husband
Kim Kardashian struggles due to her ex-husband

Since Kanye West appeared wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt during Paris Fashion Week, he has lost nearly two dozen brand partnerships, had his Donda Academy shut down, and even faced some famous personalities and ex-friends turning their back on him, including Jaden Smith and John Legend. He is also being dropped from major brands including Adidas and Balenciaga and being banned from Twitter and Instagram as well because of his wild tweets. Kim Kardashian may have divorced the rapper and removed herself from his chaotic world and problems, but she is still suffering at the hands of Kanye West.


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