Godzilla Vs Kong has released new footage displaying the ape in chains. Obsession is high for March’s MonsterVerse face-off. No other movie being released this year with the same kind of action Godzilla Vs Kong will advance. The very first trailer of the movie will be released on the coming Sunday.

Godzilla Vs Kong: The Plot

Godzilla vs. Kong: Plot
The plot of Godzilla Vs Kong can be anticipated by the newly released footage of the movie.

Very few people know about the story of Godzilla Vs Kong. A synopsis unravels a plot, and the novelization title wields a total war among the monsters. Still, a particular reason for Godzilla and Kong’s fight has not been disclosed yet. Credit in Godzilla: The King of the Monsters discusses the Titans on Skull Island. If that’s covered in the movie, it’s easy to understand why the ape might be furious by the various creatures entering his house. Interestingly, the first footage for the film revealed Kong with a collar around his neck. This certainly plays a vital role in the conflict, as humans are almost certainly responsible for Kong in the chains.

Footage: Kong in Chains

Godzilla Vs Kong footage has emerged (through Gojira 675), showing Kong in chains as Godzilla jumps at him from the ocean. The footage appeared as an advertisement before a YouTube video so that fans could randomly come across it. Watch the footage here:




The most exciting part of the footage is the woman saying, “Godzilla will come for him.” Kong is not only displayed with chains but also seems like chains on his right wrist. The new footage puts up more questions about the essence of the conflict. Perhaps Monarch is using Kong as bait. Interestingly, the footage also reveals Kong on what appears to be an aircraft carrier. In HBO‘s short footage, Max Titans appeared to be fighting on top of an aircraft carrier and also observed in the toy packaging picture.

Thoughts will continue as the countdown to answers, and likely more questions will arise. Anyhow, it seems that humans were capable of capturing Kong in some way. The trailer debut on Sunday will indeed generate a lot of buzz on social media. It appears that marketing is now starting in full force. Additionally,the Monarch Sciences website has been renewed to tease Godzilla and Kong on a foul course with each other. A battle that will definitely be the hottest discussion topic for coming years is just two months away from launching in theaters and on HBO Max. Godzilla Vs Kong seems to be a spectacular finale of the previous MonsterVerse movies.


Source: ScreenRant

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