Many celebrities withdraw from great projects to avoid being a part of a controversial issue. A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly had similar concerns and allegedly decided to turn down Christian Bale’s movie.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Another acclaimed celebrity Christian Bale iconically known as Batman has played the lead role of a protagonist of the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Refused To Do Christian Bale’s Movie

Christian Bale in American Psycho
Christian Bale

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Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the top actors of his generation and best known for collaborating with the world’s finest directors like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. One of the reasons why DiCaprio has earned a name worldwide is because he made strategic decisions about which roles to accept and which ones to ignore. The Titanic star allegedly dropped a Christian Bale movie American Psycho to avoid any potential controversy or criticism related to the film’s content that might include violence against women in the storyline.

American Psycho stars Christian Bale in the lead role who portrays a successful banker and appears to be a polished personality but in reality is a deeply disturbed individual with violent and sociopathic tendencies. This role was initially made for DiCaprio but he denied being a part as he was reportedly influenced by feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s advice against starring in a film that depicted violence against women, especially considering his young female fanbase. As a result, Bale took on the role of Patrick Bateman in the psychological thriller and black comedy. Christian Bale’s work in American Psycho is also known as one of the most iconic and transformative roles he has ever played.

Director Martin Scorsese Regretted Making a Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island
Leonardo DiCaprio

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Undeniably Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Martin Scorsese’s favorite actors. They both have collaborated on numerous hit projects and their recent one Killer of The Flower Moon. However, the director had regrets about filming one of DiCaprio’s movies and believed he would have dismissed the film. While speaking to GQ Scorsese looked back on the psychological thriller Shutter Island, and suggested he should not have agreed to direct it. He revealed that his Oscar win for The Departed influenced him to take on Shutter Island but now he wishes to have chosen a different storyline and notably DiCaprio’s movie did not earn any Oscar nominations despite positive reviews.

Scorsese also discussed his first film Gangs of New York with DiCaprio where he acknowledged his work and revealed that they did face some challenges while filming their first project. The director moved on by discussing his recent movie with the Inception star which is based on a non-fiction book and revolves around the murders done in an Indian tribe during the 1920s. Leonardo DiCaprio is cast in the lead role and other talented actors like Oscar winner Robert De Niro and acclaimed personality Brendan Fraser will also be a part in Scorsese’s film.

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Source: Looper and GQ

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