Christmas, the day of happiness and joy for some, while Netflix and stalking celebrity social media for the many! This Christmas was surely a treat for the latter majority of us. All the Star Wars fans were startled by the sudden active social media of many cast members during this holiday.

Christmas Celebration of the Star Wars Cast on social media

Throughout this holiday, the cast of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers blessed us with posts about the holidays. John Boyega’s enjoyable shopping video left us, hoping it was longer. Billie Lourd’s heartfelt message, too, was very moving, but the real show stopper was Mark Hamill, who played the role of Luke Skywalker. Hamill on Christmas eve shared a brilliant experience he had and shared with everyone the video and its description.

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John Boyega: The Star Wars cast

Hamill’s life-changing experience.

On Sharing a hilarious and disturbing five-hour montage of Darth Vader burning the pyre in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with an equal humerus caption. His caption on the post said,” Went looking for a traditional holiday Yule log and found this instead.” He added about the video that “No Xmas music, no festive imagery. Just 5 hours-27 seconds of #DadVader roasting on an open fire with no Jack Frost nipping at his nose. Now I’m a little depressed”, with the hashtag Creepy Christmas Cremation.

The video

Fan Suggestions

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Mark Hamill

This post and caption invoked a series of comments and reactions from many ardent fans. Here are some User @OceanGirl790 suggested watching the 10-hour loop of the Tosche Station Line!. She added that it would have us laughing in no time. This smart suggestion led to a series of comments where @PolitiTwitch remarked, “5 hours 27 seconds? Explains how Vader’s mask lasted into the third trilogy,”. User @NeKap even included a heartfelt and beautifully executed poem to this thread.

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