Margot Robbie’s Oscar snub emerged as a shocker not only for fans but even for some of the acclaimed celebrities from the industry. Unfortunately, this pattern continued at another prestigious event, as Emma Stone recently won the BAFTA for Best Actress for her incredible performance in Poor Things.

Margot Robbie in Barbie

Barbie was released last summer, and soon after, it began crushing notable records, including Marvel movies. But as it turns out, Emma Stone, known for playing Gwen Stacy in the superhero world, has defeated Margot Robbie in winning the BAFTA Best Actress award for Poor Things. Stone was incredibly grateful to the screenwriter during her acceptance speech for crafting intriguing lines that added more significance to her character.

Margot Robbie Faced Defeat Again: Emma Stone Wins a BAFTA For Best Actress

The award season continues to make headlines, as our beloved Barbie star Margot Robbie, despite being nominated for Best Actress, gets defeated by Emma Stone, who took home the BAFTA award. This comes after Robbie and the director of Barbie didn’t receive Oscar nods in major categories.

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Emma Stone
Emma Stone in Poor Things

However, the Babylon star was at least nominated for a BAFTA, unlike being completely ignored for an Academy Award for Best Actress. The big night was filled with some of the most talented actors in Hollywood in stunning outfits. While Robbie donned a custom pink and black strapless gown with matching gloves and heels, Stone lit the red carpet in an orange gown with one puff sleeve.

While accepting her award, Emma Stone thanked everyone who contributed to the success of Poor Things and said (via Variety):

“I was playing a British person in this movie and [Neil] did not laugh at me when he taught me how to say ‘wart-ter,’ even though as an American I say ‘wahter,’… So thank you England for accepting me.”

Along with Emma Stone’s win, Emily Blunt was honored with Best Supporting Actress for Oppenheimer. The film swept a total of seven awards at the 77th British Academy Film Awards. The event was hosted by David Tennant, known for playing Crowley in Good Omens.

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Margot Robbie Received Significant Producing Nomination For Barbie

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Though Margot Robbie did not earn a nod for Best Actress, she has been nominated for her producing work. This might sound less important to many, but the best part is that this nod holds immense opportunities for the Bombshell star. Robbie proved her contribution behind the scenes, and this nomination would likely bring more opportunities for the actress.

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The producing nominating proved how flawlessly Margot Robbie can handle challenging projects, and as she’s all set for a new movie with Colin Farrell, there might be upcoming projects waiting for her producing company LuckyChap Entertainment. The Focus star did not express any dissatisfaction or frustration with the Academy Awards and acknowledged the triumphant success of Barbie.

Barbie is available on Prime Video.

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