Hardcore Marvel fans have been extremely frustrated with the story arcs of the leading superheroes and how the development of villains has been handled after the Infinity Saga wrapped up.

Fans believe Infinity Saga is better than The Multiverse Saga
Fans believe Infinity Saga is better than The Multiverse Saga

Fans have pointed out one major flaw in the current MCU that explains why Infinity Saga is way better than the Multiverse, which is majorly focusing on timelines and variants. The lack of long-term and developed villains in the multiverse has emerged as a major setback, leading fans to criticize the current scenario of the MCU.

Soon after the Infinity Saga was over, fans noticed the biggest problem is how the villains are being developed since Phase 4. The best examples include Thanos and Loki: the two most intriguing characters seen in major films of the MCU, and now that the Multiverse has begun, fans cannot see the bad guys sticking around like before.

Marvel Fans Explain Why Infinity Saga is Better Than The Current Multiverse Saga

One of the major reasons why fans love Marvel films is the theme of bringing back prominent villains and developing more thrill in their story arc. This was best seen in the Infinity Saga, how iconic villains like Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki and Josh Brolin‘s  Thanos stuck around and generated excitement among fans through the films. These recurring bad guys continuously challenged the heroes through multiple films and added depth to each storyline.

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However, now fans can barely see the recurring villains as many of them have been killed off prematurely. Or, even if some of the villains appeared in multiple films, it feels like they have been sidekicks. Marvel enthusiasts crave more conflict and challenges between the main heroes and antagonists of films, the way Thanos emerged as the overarching villain of the entire Infinity Saga.

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But since Mutivese started, we can barely witness recurring villains and how they influence the storylines in Marvel films. Loyal comic book fans find it quite problematic that instead of depicting the true existence of characters, current MCU films are just being used to mass appeal with new narratives.

Lack of Recurring Villains in the Multiverse Saga May Result in Fragmented Narratives

The Multiverse Saga
The Multiverse Saga

Unlike the Infinity Saga, the current MCU films lack connectivity, emerging as a threat to the upcoming big projects. One example that suits this situation is Kang the Conqueror, the foe played by Jonathan Majors and highly commended by fans. Kang was set for an entirely new film, but due to legal issues, the actor was fired.

Following Majors’ firing there have been rumors that Marvel will abandon the Kang storyline, and will bring another big villain like Doctor Doom. Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, fans have expressed disappointment with the idea of abruptly ending Kang’s arc in the MCU.

And if Marvel decides to introduce another major villain from the comic books without concluding Kang’s storyline, then the narrative will likely be fragmented and fail to excite fans for future projects. And this is the reason why many fans believe that Infinity Saga is still better than the Multiverse Saga.

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