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Moon Knight received significant hype from the very beginning. Now that it has wrapped up the ending is grabbing even more attention. The reason might be the speculation regarding the second season or the bomb exploded on us by Mohamed Diab. Yes, bomb! that’s what it felt like, cutting off two significant MCU cameos from the premiere and finale was more surprising than any other revelation made in the whole season.

Moon Knight Subtly Hints How Tony Stark's Afterlife
Moon Knight

The last two episodes, however, highlighted the concept of after-life in a great manner. This approach helped us have a hint regarding what Tony Stark’s life would have been like. With this MCU has confirmed that a massive number of afterlife exist in its world.

Moon Knight hints at Tony Stark’s Afterlife

There was a scene in the finale of Moon Knight that hinted in the direction of what Tony Stark’s afterlife must’ve been like after his demise in Avengers: Endgame. In the MCU, the whereabouts of Iron Man after his death were never depicted but now that it is confirmed that a number of afterlives exist in its world, it can be a possibility that Iron Man’s consciousness moved to another plane after his death.

The last two episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight show explored the afterlife subject in detail. Marc Spector and Steven Grant got a new insight into the concept after meeting Taweret, who led them through the Egyptian underworld on a voyage to a paradise-like world known as the Field of Reeds. Tawaret claims that Duat is far from the only place where a person’s “untethered consciousness” might travel after death. Black Panther’s ancestral plane is one of them. The MCU appears to feature realms for Duat, Valhalla, Hel, and maybe even heaven and hell from the Christian religion.

Taweret - Moon Knight Subtly Hints How Tony Stark's Afterlife

It’s exceedingly improbable that Tony Stark landed up in the Field of Reeds after Endgame, given Tawaret’s statement that she hadn’t escorted anybody through Duat in a long time. Her statements in Moon Knight episode 6 shed some information on Tony’s possible destiny. If what Taweret said pertains to Tony Stark’s afterlife, it should be similar to the existence he had before the Avengers disrupted it in Endgame.

Tony Stark’s life earlier

Stark made a life for himself on a farm with Pepper Potts and his daughter, Morgan, before being persuaded by his old friends to help them travel back in time and collect the Infinity Stones. It was a pleasant, relatively unremarkable existence that enabled him to escape from his fears about the planet’s safety, which had troubled him for so many years. Tony was able to put all of that behind him by distancing himself from mankind with Pepper and Morgan. If he could create his perfect world after death, it’s only natural that this is what he’d come up with, and that his wife and daughter would have accompanied him.

Tony Stark with his daughter Morgan - Moon Knight
Tony Stark with his daughter Morgan

Tony had the life he desired, but he didn’t get to retain it for long. Unfortunately, Iron Man’s selfless sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame stopped him from reclaiming his life. As a result, Tony Stark obtaining a second opportunity after his death would be a suitable, offscreen finale to his MCU adventure, and one that would feel well-deserved for his character. Following the revelation of Moon Knight’s afterlife, Tony’s ending does seem possible.

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