Kakashi Hatake may just be the coolest anime character to have been ever created. The Jonin Sensei of Team 7 is also regarded as one of the deadliest Ninjas to ever exist. And these are Kakashi Hatake’s greatest Jutsus.


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Kakashi Hatake is a master of the Lightning Release. And he has developed multiple variants of his signature move. There are several high level lightning release techniques in Kakashi’s quiver. Raiden might be one of the strongest ones. The technique involves Kakashi creating a shadow clone and then uses a string of chakra based electricity like a rope between the two. Raiden has the ability to slice enemies into pieces if given sufficient power or can simply electrocute numerous foes at the same time. It’s rank is not know but since its a combination of two S-Rank Jutsus, it is a pretty potent technique.


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Raikiri is otherwise known as the Lightning Cutter and it is considered to be a more efficient version of the trademark Chidori ability. Just like the Chidori, the Raikiri uses the wielder’s speed, agility, and sheer penetration force to eliminate an enemy instantly. But it has a greater capability for destruction since it uses up more Chakra. The Jutsu also requires much more concentration and focus. The Raikiri is hit radius is smaller that the Chidori but it has a higher chance of terminating a target once it makes contact. That’s the reaosn why the Chidori is an A-Rank ability while the Raikiri is an S-Rank Jutsu.

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Kakashi Hatake developed his Chidori based lightning abilities only after he gained the Sharingan. After the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War when Kakashi lost his Kekkei Genkai, he no longer had the Sharingan’s ocular gifts. So he developed a variant of his lightning release techniques that harnessed the power of purple lightning. The Shiden is also an S-Rank ability like the Raikiri. But it could be used from a distance. The ability is so powerful it can cut through a freaking tailed beast without kakashi breaking a sweat!!

Eye Mind Reading

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Eye Mind Reading is a technique that is just what it sounds like. Using this Jutsu, one can enter the mind of his enemy and change or delete memories at will. This is the perfect tool for someone working in the field of espionage like Kakashi Hatake. The powerful ability is seldom discussed in the anime. In a filler arc, it is revealed that only two ninjas in the world of Naruto are capable of eye Mind Reading. Hanare and Kakashi. It is such a pity we could not see Kakashi use this ability later on in the series.


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While the Chidori remains Kakashi’s signature ability, only one other Jutsu truly defined Kakashi’s journey as a Ninja. The Kamui was a space-time ability granted by the Mangekyo Sharingan. Slowly and steadily, Kakashi mastered the ability which requires intense concentration, a plethora of chakra, and extreme accuracy. Kamui was used to great effect by Kakashi in the Fourth Great Ninja War. After Kakashi gained the other Sharingan from Obito, he showed just how devastating a Shinobi he can become using his techniques in combination with Kamui.

Shadow Of The Dancing Leaf

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By itself, Shadow Of The Dancing Leaf possesses negligible harm to the enemy. But when combined with another Taijutsu move, it creates a lethal move. The move was first shown in action by Rock Lee. Kakashi, courtesy of his Sharingan, was able to track the move and copy it into his own arsenal. This jutsu requires incredible precision and a real knack for close combat abilities to be mastered. That’s nothing that the great Copy-Nin Kakashi cannot handle.

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Eight Gates Technique

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Shadow Of The Dancing Leaf is the precursor ability to a more powerful and potent Taijutsu technique. The eight Gates ability is based on the principle of controlling the flow of chakra in one’s body by opening the eight chakra gates that decide how much chakra the body can tolerate. Opening each gate gives the user an immeasurable amount of strength and speed. Kakashi Hatake can open the first of eight gates – The Gate Of Opening. It substantially increases the speed and swiftness of his Taijutsu strikes.

Strong Fist

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This fighting technique was developed by Might Guy and taught to Rock Lee. The style is the polar opposite to the Hyuga Clan’s Gentle fist technique. Strong Fist is not totally implemented by Kakashi in a fight. But his personal combat style borrows heavily from studying and mimicking Might Guy’s Taijutsu. He mixes various Strong Fist moves with his Sharingan based close combat style to create a unique all-encompassing fighting technique.

Front Lotus

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We know from the list that Kakashi Hatake knows how to use the Shadow Of The Dancing Leaf Ability and the Eight Gates technique. Even though he can only open the first gate, at least he could compete with Might Guy on the most basic of levels when it comes to Taijutsu. Front Lotus is a forbidden ability known for its lethality. It requires the user to launch a series of superhuman moves that can only be performed if one opens the first gate. Kakashi has shown he is capable of performing the Front Lotus in the anime as well as the manga.

Kamui Lightning Shuriken

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To perform this technique, Kakashi needs to use both Mangekyo Sharingan to summon the Susanoo. The technique combines the space-time teleportation ability of the Kamui with the gargantuan strength of the Susanoo. Kamui Lightning Shuriken creates razor sharp shuriken that the Susanoo can throw at its enemies. If the shuriken does not kill them, then the enemy is then teleported back to the Kamui dimension and remain trapped there forever.

Kamui Lightning Cutter

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This technique is so taxing Kakashi has used it only once in his entire life. It requires key ingredients that cannot be created by Kakashi alone. Kamui Lightning Cutter requires the powerful Six Paths Chakra as well as the power of both the Mangekyo Sharingan. kakashi does not possess any of those anymore so this technique remains out of reach.

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Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang

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Kakashi knows various elemental styles but he excels the best at using Lightning release. Lighting Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang is a rather derivative technique. Like the name implies, Kakashi generates lighting out of his own chakra and uses shape transformation to give it the shape of a beast. The technique then acts like a homing missile with Kakashi guiding the lightning beast towards his enemy. Kakashi rarely uses this ability since he has more direct, better suited justu for almost any occasion.

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