You probably might have never heard of the name. But if you have watched shows like Grey’s Anatomy, you know Martin Henderson’s face looks eerily familiar. The 46 year old native of New Zealand is the new internet heartthrob of the small screen universe. He has such a well-crafted face that Britney Spears even cast him in an unforgettable cameo in her “Toxic” video. Over his career, he has played mostly benevolent, knight in shining armor characters. Martin Henderson is soon becoming a force of nature. His newest project, the recently released Netflix Original series Virgin River, has again put him in the spotlight.

Here are some Martin Henderson classics you might enjoy if you really like the actor.

Home & Away (1996)

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Henderson played Geoff Thomas in this vintage Australian Soap Opera. One of the many highlights of the show was Isla Fisher, who also starred as a major character. Martin Henderson played the role of an Australian Navy Officer in the show. The role was small and very brief. His character was supposed to get married to Isla Fisher’s character. Even Henderson does not remember his character’s purpose in the show anymore since it was such a long time ago.

The Ring


The movie was already into production. They were looking for locations in and around Seattle. And the crew had not even rounded up their core cast members yet. That was when Martin Henderson got a call to star in the horror classic. He claims that the audition for the movie was one of the most “seamless” experiences ever. Director Gore Verbinski just saw the tape he sent and liked it so much that he asked the actor to join as soon as possible. The Ring ended up earning more than 240 Million USD worldwide. This opened new doors for Martin Henderson into the world of show business.



The cult-classic survival thriller movie was released in 2015. It was shot right in the laps of the greatest mountain range of the world – The Himalayas. We will give you a short spoiler alert – Martin Henderson’s character does not make it to the end of the movie. The film is a loose adaptation of the book Into Thin Air, written by Jon Krakauer in 1997. The plight of the movie’s crew could be summarized by these lines said by the actor:

“In order to get all of the cast and equipment up to particular villages, we literally trekked and shot along the way. Severe storms came through and made filming extremely challenging.”

Torque & Britney Spears’ “Toxic” Video

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Martin Henderson appeared in a 2004 movie called Torque, where he played a stunt biker. Joseph Khan, Director of Torque, also went on to direct the Toxic video by Britney Spears, one of her all time best-selling songs. Henderson got a last minute phone call from Joseph Khan who asked him whether he would want to make an appearance in the singer’s music video. Martin Henderson still keeps getting questions about his portrayal of Britney Spears’ boy-toy in the music video. The movie Torque did not do well but it helped make Martin Henderson a household phenomenon.

Off The Map (2011)

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The show had amazing potential. Basically running on a premise similar to Doctors Without Borders, it was a ground-breaking concept. It took doctors who studied and practiced western medicine in first world nations and put them into developing countries. It was an attempt to explore socialized medicine and the idea of how medical resources are better served when spread out all across the world. After ABC picked up the show, they changed the entire tone of the movie. The series then became a show about romantic getaways in exotic places for doctors, who rarely focused on helping the local populace. The series was short-run and cancelled very soon.

Smokin’ Aces

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Smokin’ Aces was Martin Henderson’s first foray into an all-star ensemble cast. The movie had big names like Ben Affleck, Chris Pines, Alicia Keys, and Taraji P Henson. There were even bigger names like Ryan Reynolds and Common. The movie coupled Chris Pine’s character with Henderson’s character. Pine and Henderson resonated well with each other because both were relatively new faces in the mainstream blockbuster industry. Martin Henderson claims the movie’s director – Joe Carnahan, is one of the coolest people in the business. According to stories, he hand-picks the music that becomes the tone and theme of the movie.



The 2006 war-action thriller movie is about a group of American Fighters who go to the European Theatre during World War I. They work under the French Air Force to learn the ways of air combat. Flyboys is about America’s first true air-borne fighter pilots. Martin Henderson played Reed Cassidy in the movie. Henderson played a major role in the movie. His performance was praised despite the movie taking at the Box Office.

Grey’s Anatomy


The actor had “Big shoes to fill”. After Meredith lost Derek (Patrick Dempsey) in a terrible car crash, Martin Henderson swooped in to save the day. Henderson played talented surgeon Nathan Riggs in the show. The actor was heard saying in an interview that he was very nervous while playing the character. Despite being a mammoth task, we might go out on a limb and say Martin Henderson did a damn good job of filling in for Dempsey.

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