We all agree that being a superhero is tough, considering all look up to them,(most of the time). Superheroes do not usually make mistakes and even if they do, they can travel back in time to “fix” it.

When it comes to the DC Comics superheroes, there is probably no more a human hero than the Flashes. Wally West, as well as Barry Allen both, are the quintessential blue-collar heroes. They have amazing powers and are incredible, in human ways too. But in the end, they are just regular people and have done terrible things too!


1. When Wally Used Jesse


Flash has had his own incidents where he has been disrespectful to women. In one such incident, when Wally comes to know that he was slowly being pulled into the Speed Force, he chose Jesse Quick, daughter of Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle to be his successor. And this was a major moment for Jesse and she was so honored to be the chosen one.

But it was all a gambit. Wally was hoping that if he selects Jesse as the next Flash, it would give Bart Allen (grandson of Iris and Barry),  the “push” he would need to start taking the superhero role seriously. This ended up Wally hurting Jesse’s feelings.


2. When Barry Killed Reverse – Flash


Barry Allen when he killed Reverse-Flash, act was considered as “acting out in grief”.  Many years after Reverse-Flash killed Iris West, Barry Allen managed to find love once again in Fiona Webb.

But when Reverse-Flash came to know about Barry getting married, he planned to ruin the “big” day by killing Fiona Webb this time. They ended up fighting and Barry Allen snapped Reverse-Flash’s neck and that killed the villain instantly from the future as well. During the trial, Wally West also admitted on the stand that Barry had used much more force than he should have.


3. That Time When Barry Didn’t Help Wally

Flash Wally West And His Family.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1

The Flash, irrespective of which one it is like to talk about “family” but when it comes down to acting like one, they aren’t really great at it. Yes, Wally did a  bad thing by ditching Bart but then it was nothing compared to what Barry did to Wally.

When Wally came back from being trapped in the Speed Forced in DC Rebirth, he found out his kids were still missing and probably lost. Wally asked Barry to help him, Barry kept pushing Wally’s pleas. This was really a bad gesture from Barry Allen.


4. Wally Trapped His Enemies In Horrifying Prisons

Inertia Frozen as a Statue.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=368&dpr=1

The Flash Family knows what they do is quite different from the judicial system. They can stop these criminals, but can’t decide the punishment for them. Hence, the times when Flash breaks that boundary are quite disturbing.

Wally West has crossed that boundary not once but twice. After Inertia killed Bart Allen, Wally trapped the villain in a state of living suspension aka he was aware of everything but couldn’t move or talk. Wally had even trapped Zoom in their painful memories.


5. When Barry Ended Up Creating A Flashpoint

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Barry Allen was aware of all the dangers of time travel when he went back to his childhood to save his mother from getting murdered. Even the smallest change will have the “Butterfly Effect” and could drastically alter the course of history. Barry wanted to make his life better but all the reality changed.

He saved his mother, but he ended up creating a reality where young Bruce Wayne was killed, his father became Batman and his mother went on to become Joker. Even the Atlanteans and Amazons were at war. Superman was being used as a government test subject. Flashpoint ended up making things worse for everyone.

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