With a new day comes new drama, and Blake Lively made sure she’s contributing to this controversy surrounding Kate Middleton’s edited Mother’s Day photo.

 Blake Lively and Kate Middleton
Blake Lively (image from Gossip Girl) Take a Dig at Kate Middleton (image via her X)

The internet can’t stop talking about the visible editing done to Kate Middleton with her children in a photo, and now the Gossip Girl star Blake Lively seems to be mocking the Princess of Wales with her latest Instagram post. Soon after Prince William’s wife posted on her social media, netizens and fans took no time to identify the editing and even commented to take it down.

Blake Lively’s Sarcastic Instagram Post Throws Shade at Kate Middleton’s Edited Photo Controversy

Not only Ryan Reynolds, but his wife Blake Lively is also a pro at making jokes online and frequently gaining attention. The actress’s recent Instagram post is assumed to be a dig at Kate Middleton, whose Mother’s Day post is being mocked for visible editing. On March 10, 2024, the Princess of Wales posted on her official social media, expressing gratitude for the support and wishes she received from people amid her health issues.

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 Blake Lively
Blake Lively’s Instagram post

Little did Kate Middleton know that her post would go viral in seconds, not for the photo, but the photoshop. According to the Daily Mail‘s report, there are 16 issues identified, which proved that the picture was edited. Following this controversy, Blake Lively recently posted an edited picture of herself, promoting the new flavors of her company’s drinks.

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The photoshopped picture of Lively depicts her face placed on someone else’s body, and fans can’t stop laughing. Not only is the Instagram post gaining immense attention, but fans even commented:

user jewelledtopaz wrote: “Did Kate help you edit this photo?”

another comment by fbttcc reads: “Those are some Kate Middleton skills in that first photo”

user capblkwidow said: “Can’t wait for the ‘statement’ from Blake about Photoshop.”

The comments are just endless, and many fans seem to have understood the joke, while some have expressed frustration for making fun of Kate Middleton, as she recently had an abdominal surgery. However, in the digital era, photo editing has become quite popular, but when people identify unusual inconsistencies, they take no time to discuss it.

Kate Middleton Admitted Her Mother’s Day Post Was Photoshopped: Issues Apology

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton (Image via X)

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After Kate Middleton’s picture spread on the internet like fire, the Princess of Wales apologized for causing any “confusion” caused by her family photo. The post included Prince William‘s wife and their three children with blurring and alignment issues. From Kate Middleton’s hair to Princess Charlotte’s left wrist and skirt, there is visible editing done to their photo.

However, the Princess of Wales then posted an apology on her official X (earlier Twitter) account, stating that she often experiments with editing.

“Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C”

The Mother’s Day post was Kate Middleton’s first official picture after her abdominal surgery, for which the Princess of  Wales received wishes and prayers from her people. In a statement from Kensington Palace, it was informed that Prince William’s wife has returned home and making good progress.

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