Computer Generated Imagery is known to have caused miracles or committed blunders, there’s no in-between. After being used in Westworld (1972) for the first time, CGI has only improved with the span. Known for creating giant monsters, disasters, they have also created some stomach tickling, cringe, and embarrassing effects ruining a number of films. One might have a hard time acknowledging them, so here we are with some popular movies having hilariously cringe CGI.

5. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

Worst CGI special effects in the history of film-making | Harry potter  bathroom, Harry potter creatures, Harry potter
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

Who hasn’t wished for a letter from Hogwarts? I guess none. The very first Harry Potter film to introduce us to the wizarding world, with extensive use of CGIs. Grossing over 1 billion dollars with all the fascinating stuff it also became prone to trolls. With ubiquitous usage of not-so-advanced CGI, viewers sometimes have a really hard time while watching this.

4. The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded Defense
The Matrix Reloaded

Unlike the original film, The Matrix Reloaded stands to have the most hilarious outdated CGI used. It sadly doesn’t live up to the viewer’s expectations. The fighting scene between Neo and all the Agent Smiths was supposed to be the highlight of The Matrix Reloaded, however, it ended up looking like a 90’s video game. The weird, rubbery model of Neo being trashed during the fight is kinda disturbing.

3. Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Review: More Ludicrous CGI Dinos | IndieWire
Jurassic World

Yet another entry taking us too deep into the world of imagination, Jurassic World is borderline intolerable due to the superabundant use of cringe CGI. This sequel somewhat fails to mark an imprint on the viewers like the original did, both practically and digitally.

2. The Transformers Franchise

Cringe CGI - The Transformers Franchise
The Transformers Franchise

The only valid point to keep this franchise alive is its obscene amount of money collection worldwide. The usage of CGI here is quite justified since giant alien cars- robots or cartoons cannot be portrayed out of practical effects. However, the way it is used is worth laughing at. The action sequences in this franchise are arguably the most hilarious. With thundering noise, you can sometimes see the transformers falling while they scuffle. Guessing the fighters involved still remain first. The usage of CGI keeps getting worse with every new entry in the franchise.

1. X- Men Origins – Wolverine

Cringe CGI - X-Men Origins - Wolverine
X-Men Origins – Wolverine

With all types of technical enhancements, Wolverine still surprises us with the ugly usage of CGI. After using the practical effects to realize Wolverine’s claws in the predecessors, X-Men Origins – Wolverine opted to go digital as a consequence of which it makes up to this list. With no sign of fineness or detail to the texture of claws, for a 150 million dollar budget, this is inexpiable.





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