From starting her career with smaller roles to ending up in a billion-dollar franchise, Rebecca Ferguson has come a long way. The Swedish actress reprised her role as Lady Jessia in the upcoming Dune 2 and has reportedly charged more than her previous salary.

Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica

Rebecca Ferguson is considered one of the most versatile and talented actresses in the industry, who has showcased her acting skills in notable projects. Before stepping into Hollywood, Ferguson initiated her acting career at an early age. She has been a part of Swedish television drama, and an American Swedish soap opera, then finally made her film debut in 2004.

Rebecca Ferguson’s Net Worth and How Much She Earned From Dune 

Dune: Part Two starring Timothée Chalamet in the leading role of Paul with Zendaya returning along with him as Chani comes out tomorrow! The film not only brings back the actors from part one but also includes newcomers like Florence Pugh and Austin Butler in key roles. Another prominent figure in the Dune universe is Paul’s Bene Gessent mother Lady Jessica, also a concubine to Paul’s father and predecessor Lelo Atreides, played by talented actress Rebecca Ferguson.

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Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible

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The actress took home $500K for the first part that came out in 2021 (via IMDb), followed by the second installment for which Rebecca Ferguson reportedly charged $600K. The Hercules star’s increased salary indicates her rising stardom and ability to make notable money through her acting skills. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Doctor Sleep star has a net worth of $6 million.

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Rebecca Ferguson gained immense appreciation for playing Queen Elizabeth in the BBC miniseries The White Queen. But her breakthrough in Hollywood was through Tom Cruise‘s Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation released in 2015. The actress was highly commended by viewers and fans for portraying Ilsa Faust, a former intelligence operative alongside Cruise’s titular character Ethan Hunt. The film became a massive hit, earning Rebecca Ferguson critical acclaim.

Rebecca Ferguson Reveals The Franchise She Owes The Most in Her Acting Career

Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson
Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson in a Mission: Impossible film

Now that Rebecca Ferguson has transformed into an acclaimed celebrity, she recently revealed the franchise that has contributed the most to her successful acting career. During the Reigh With Josh Smith podcast, The Greatest Showman star opened up about various significant aspects of her life, one of which is the Mission: Impossible franchise. While acknowledging the “incredible character” she was given, the actress said:

“I think I owe a lot to Mission, I owe a lot to that franchise and to Tom… They wrote the most incredible character, and I loved her… And I still, to this day, have embodied a lot of stuff that he [Tom Cruise] does.”

The actress expressed gratitude for casting her in the role of Ilsa, and how successful it turned out. Ferguson added:

“It was such a big part of my life, and it helped me, it basically generated a career that I took into my own hands and make with it, what’s it is today. Very much thanks to that. “

Being cast in the 2015 film alongside Tom Cruise was the “stepping stone” for Rebecca Ferguson which she still feels great about. The actress also shared her past experience where she was humiliated by her co-star and had nobody’s back that time.

Dune 2 releases tomorrow!

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