Batman is pretty serious about his “no kill” rule as he strong believes that the criminals can be changed… at least in the DC Comics.
But his son Robin (Damian Wayne) just doesn’t seem to abide by it even for Superman.
Damian is the child of Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne so he’s got some pretty strong genes right there and it’s no surprise that he is a fierce warrior who has these lethal tendencies which have been reined in by the other Bat- family members.
However, fighting skills aside, Damian’s intellect is the sharpest weapon he has which he uses to outsmart most of his enemies including all the powerful ones.
AND, he plans to take down Superman!!!

Robin Teases Romance Between Damian Wayne and the DC Villain Who Killed Him

In Batman issue 77 written by Tom King, Damian’s Robin just went up against Gotham Girl who has powers as might as the Superman.

At the first look at it, it seemed that he would be outmatched finally but Damian being Damian was prepared and used a wand to cast a spell that trapped Gotham Girl in chains!!.
And he was so proud of his work that he blurted “ Said it before. Super – people are not so hard” and ran off.

Okay, yes. Damian did not exactly go against Superman but he made a very brilliant plan on capturing Gotham Girl and knowing the fact that Superman’s greatest weakness is magic.
Now Damian is actually a “trained” assassin so he could easily take down Gotham Girl which points at the idea that he could kill Superman all by himself if he ever felt the need or desire to do that.

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Yes he doesn’t have the direct use of Kryptonite but the cunning spell which Damian is casting so flawlessly could be a big trouble for Superman.

The level and kind of threat Robin aka Damian Wayne could pose to Superman in twofold.
He has a lethal combination of his super intellectual brains and of course his connections which could even leave Superman all impressed and surprised.
And additionally, he is a member of the Bat-Family and Batman’s own son; thus it is very easy for Damian to get access to all of his father’s super tech and weapons.

Damian had no Kryptonite to stop Gotham Girl and possibly he can still use it against Superman considering Batman’s contingency plans for the Justice League.

Damian Wayne Reading Order, Fifth Robin and Son of Batman - Comic Book Treasury

When it comes to Batman himself, he would refrain himself from actually killing Superman and on the other hand, Damian has been pretty adamant on various occasions that these rules do not really apply to him.

Thanks to his great set of brains that he always has an upper hand against his enemies but Damian Wayne is definitely not compelled by the same commitment to avoid murder at all costs like his father; Bruce Wayne.
Damian Wayne | DC

He had a different exposure as a child and his relationship or experience with violence was very different from his father’s. And he did not lose any dear one and that saved his initial life from experiencing a devastating loss.

And his face off with Gotham Girl certainly sets one thing straight that Damian Wayne Robin knows how to counter the weaknesses of his foes and no one can get an exempt from that even if it is Superman himself.

His face off with Superman would be interesting one.

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