Lily-Rose Depp, the oldest daughter of actor Johnny Depp began her acting career with a small role in the 2014 released horror comedy Tusk. From then onwards the 24-year-old actor has been a part of movies like- The Dancer, Planetarium, A Faithful Man, The King, Silent Night, and Wolf. Recently Lily-Ross Depp was back in the spotlight with her HBO drama The Idol alongside the singer The Weekend.

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Lily-Rose Depp during the premiere of The Idol

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The Idol is directed by the Euphoria fame director Sam Levinson. It is one of the most anticipated shows of this year. The show features eminent names from Hollywood like- Abel Tesfaye (The Weekend) and Jennie Kim from the famous South Korean band BlackPink. The Voyager star even received a 5-minute standing ovation during the premiere of The Idol at the Cannes Film Festival. Despite all the positives, the show made headlines for nudity and a very negative portrayal of the music industry.

Sharon Stone Loved Lily-Rose Depp And The Weeknd’s Performance In The Idol 

The much-hyped HBO drama starring The Weekend and Lily-Rose Depp revolves around a music star named Jocelyn (played by Lily-RoseDepp), who goes through a mental breakdown after the sudden demise of her mother. The 5-episode show involves multiple nudity, s**ual graphic content, and provocative scenes by the Wolf actor.

The Casino actor Sharon Stone was all praises for Lily-Rose Depp’s performance in HBO’s The Idol. Sharon Stone took to her social media and posted about the show and as well as director Sam Levinson. The post mentioned-

I just watched the first two episodes of @theidol @lilyrose_depp and Abel (@theweeknd) r so sure-footed.

The Basic Instinct actor also praised Sam Levinson “the root of crisis (sic) in entertainment; Which comes first the brilliance or the heartache?

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During an interview with the media house Entertainment Tonight, Lily-Rose Depp spoke about her inspiration behind Jocelyn’s character. She said-

“We actually drew from a lot of other influences that are not pop stars, We thought a lot about Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’ and the Gene Tierney and Lauren Bacall… All of these women were very inspiring to me for the role.”

The Idol Lily Rose Depp Weeknd hbo post
Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd in The Idol

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According to the reputed media outlet Variety, the first few episodes of the show were all about- “Revenge p**n photos of bodily fluids on Depp’s face, mast**bation with ice cubes, nightclub-owning scam artists and vile Hollywood sycophants populated the first two episodes of the already-controversial series,”

The Idol has been the talk of the tinsel town ever since its trailer was released. The appreciation of drama at the Cannes Film Festival made Sam Levinson teary-eyed. He addressed the audience and expressed that he is proud of his show. The show is slated to release on HBO on June 4, 2023.

Johnny Depp Is Very Much Like Lily-Rose Depp’s Girlfriend O70 Shake

The Idol actor is currently dating the American rapper O70 Shake. According to the rumors in the entertainment world, the romantic fling between Lily-Rose Depp and  Danielle Balbuena, who is popularly known as O70 Shake has been approved by Johnny Depp. The Charlie And The Chocolate Factory actor even finds a lot of similarities between his and the rapper’s personality. A source close to the 59-year-old actor revealed to the Daily Mail that Johnny Depp has no issues with his daughter dating a girl and he is “no stranger to sexual fluidity.”

The source went on to add-

“Johnny was one of the first people to know about Danielle because Lily and he shares everything with each other. Johnny is no stranger to sexual fluidity and was married to an openly bisexual woman for years,” the insider said. “It didn’t work out, but Lily grew up knowing this and normalized it.”

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Lily-Rose Depp and her girlfriend 070 Shake

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The source even mentioned-

“Lily believes she is in love and there is nothing more than Johnny wants in this world than for her to love and be loved by someone who deserves her. He has not been the biggest fan of some of her ex-boyfriends, but there is a reason why Lily and these men did not work out.”

Lilly Ross Depp was previously romantically involved with Timothee Chalamet. He even starred alongside the Planetarium star in The King. The ex-couple separated in April 2020 due to their work-related commitment.

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