Aubrey Plaza's performance was highly praised in 'Legion', despite Lenny's abrupt death in the show's final season.

Plaza is set to play Rio Vidal in the MCU's 'Agatha All Along' which is a spin-off from 'WandaVision.' 

'Agatha All Along' will feature Agatha Harkness teaming up with Plaza and the series will be a blend of magic, horror, and action.

Aubrey Plaza is playing in Agatha All Along in the MCU, and it is quite special, particularly for those fans who have been watching her since Parks and Recreation. But the actress has worked on Marvel projects before.

Aubrey Plaza in Agatha All Along
Aubrey Plaza in Agatha All Along | via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Before working on the WandaVision spin-off Agatha All Along, Plaza starred in the critically acclaimed but often overlooked series Legion. The show is set in an alternate X-Men timeline and ran for 3 seasons, from 2017 to 2019.

Aubrey Plaza’s Disappointing Death in Legion

Aubrey Plaza in Legion
Aubrey Plaza in Legion | via FX Networks YouTube

As Aubrey Plaza is going from mutants to witches, it is time to recall her work in Legion and what made some of the viewers upset with the character’s exit. Plaza played Lenny Busker in the show, and it was a role like no other.

Lenny was first shown as a friend of David Haller, aka Legion, at a mental hospital in the show, and later she became quite a lot more. Plaza’s performance was admirable, as she was able to switch from funny to terrifying in the blink of an eye.

However, the majority of the viewers believed that the story of Lenny was not given enough time. The show killed off her character in its final season, and her story was unexplored, setting her character to commit suicide. Her relationship with Amy Haller could have been discussed more.

Like how the series showed the complicated relationship between parents and their children, Busker’s motherhood was also something that could have been explored more. Nevertheless, the writing in the last season was not the best, but Plaza’s acting was praised by fans.

Despite the disappointment, Plaza has been praised for her performance of Lenny Busker/Shadow King, who is considered one of the best villains in the Marvel TV series and fans online have expressed their views regarding this as well. The actress was smooth in switching from Lenny to the ancient mutant parasite Shadow King.

Now, Plaza is getting to be another villain in the MCU with Agatha All Along. She will be portraying Rio Vidal, who is a warrior witch in Agatha’s coven. Fans will be looking forward to how Plaza will show her presence in this new role after seeing her in Legion.

Aubrey Plaza in Agatha All Along

Agatha All Along
Agatha All Along | via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Agatha All Along is a spin-off from WandaVision and will have Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness. Over time, there have been many changes in its title. But Agatha All Along is now finalized as it also references a song from WandaVision that is used when Harkness’ secret got exposed at the end.

The trailer for the show has just been released, and it can be seen that Agatha attempts to escape the spell cast by Wanda at the end of WandaVision and restore her abilities, and Rio Vidal, played by Aubrey Plaza, might be a key player in Harkness’ quest to regain her powers and get back to her old self.

According to the synopsis, the show follows Agatha as she teams up with a “suspicious goth teen” to travel the Witches’ Road which is a magical gauntlet of trials. It looks like it will be a mix of magic, horror, and the signature action-comedy of Marvel. The show will premiere on Disney+ on September 18, 2024 (via IMDb).

Jac Schaeffer will be the showrunner and executive producer of Agatha All Along and her track record with WandaVision, along with the talented cast of Plaza, Hahn, and others like Patti LuPone and Joe Locke, has raised the expectations of Marvel fans.

WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+.

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