The tv show host and author Candace Owens have leaked a voicemail that Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian allegedly sent her ex-boyfriend Ray J about a decade ago. In the voicemail, she refers to Whitney Houston as an “old hag” before calling the ex-couple “sick” and “disgusting.” Fans went all caps angry when they got to know about the appalling insult to the American icon and criticized the Kadarshian for her unthoughtful words.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

While it’s unclear how Owens obtained the audio, she felt inclined to play the recording in the latest episode of her Candace Owens Podcast as she touched on how the Kardashians used black men to get to where they are today before “leaving them in the dust.” Kim Kardashian’s words in the audio clip caused a lot of backlash from fans who responded on Twitter. 

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Candace Owens has leaked the voicemail Kardashian left for ex-boyfriend Ray J

On October 10, Candace Owens told her followers on her podcast show that an audio of Kim Kardashian attacking Ray J landed on her lap and she felt compelled to share it, saying,

“She’s nasty! She’s calling Whitney Houston a crackhead and she’s yelling at Ray J… It is the opposite version of the Kim Kardashian that your kids have been following.”

She later also added that, in the audio clip, Kim was pissed at her ex because he was becoming more famous than her. 

It is unclear where the audio came from nor is it confirmed that Kardashian is speaking in the clip. But a woman who’s believed to be Kardashian is heard saying on the tape,

“You are just so desperate that you’ll do anything for attention, and you’re so disgusting. Go have fun with old hag Whitney, you’re so sick – and crack is definitely not whack with you guys. You are just, honestly, it makes me laugh how disgusting you guys look.”

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Kim Kardashian tells Ray J to leave her alone and stop calling her on the voicemail

Candace Owens claims that Kim Kardashian was calling the singer’s phone because she had a problem with Ray J getting more publicity and exposure for his then relationship with Whitney Houston. The entire voicemail audio is apparently more graphic and shocking than the excerpt released. Kardashian also tells the Californian singer to stop calling her on the voicemail and to leave her alone.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian At SoFi Stadium, California.

Meanwhile, Ray J slammed Kim Kadarshian’s mom Kris Jenner in September after the momager took a lie detector test on The Late Late Show With James Corden. During the test, Kris claimed to have no involvement in the release of Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. However, during an Instagram Live, Ray J accused Kris Jenner of orchestrating the filming of the whole thing.

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Fans rebuked Kim Kadarshian for her trash talks about the late national treasure Whitney Houston

The fans were not feeling it at all when they heard about the leaked Kim Kadarshian’s voicemails about one of the bestselling female music artists of all time. Whitney Houston was the pop queen of her time before she died of an overdose in 2012 and her insult is a big no to tolerate among the fans. The SKIMS founder was trolled and thrashed online, especially on Twitter, for talking bad about the late artist.

Screenshot 2022 10 13 222103

Many fans are calling her a nasty human being for speaking trash about someone, mocking their addiction, and then tweeting her condolences after their passing, all just for “attention”. Kim Kadarshian tweeted when Houston died, and after her alleged voicemails resurfaced on the internet, the fans are calling her out for the hypocrisy. Various memes and tweets mocking and roasting the Kardashian are all over the internet recently. 

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