One of the most adored couples of all time, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling, met while they were filming the psychological suspense thriller Murder by Numbers in 2001. Gosling played high school prodigy Richard Hayward, who committed the ideal murder alongside a classmate, while Bullock played homicide detective Cassie Mayweather. Despite the 16-year age difference between them, the two struck it off and later quietly started dating. At the time, Bullock was 37, and Ryan was only 21. As the saying goes, “Everything is fair in love and war,” and these two lovebirds instantly fall in love without thinking about their age gap.

Ryan Gosling Said Sandra Bullock Was One of His Greatest Girlfriends Ever

Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock
Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock

The Proposal actress did slyly suggest that they were more than friends during an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2003, despite the fact that their relationship was somewhat concealed from the public. When questioned about whether she and Gosling were simply friends, she answered, “That definitely would be a little bit of a lie if you added the term just. So I’d say we’re friends.” Adding that the greatest dating service on the planet is a movie set—exactly where she and the actor from The Notebook were first introduced—she also dropped another hint by stating they indeed hit it off on the movie set.

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The two years of their romance, according to the Gray Man actor, were among his best times ever. He and Bullock fell out due to the difficulties of their different lifestyles. Gosling said in 2011 that show business was the bad guy. He remarked,

“When both people are in show business, it’s too much show business. It takes all of the light, so nothing else can grow.”

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling with wife Eva Mendes

They were always kind to each other. Even though things ended on good terms between the two superstars, Sandra Bullock once referred to his ex, Gosling, as “little buddha.”

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Sandra Bullock reveals how Ryan Gosling changed her life despite a 16-year age gap

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock recalls traumatic home invasion

Ryan Thomas Gosling is a Canadian actor. He is well-known for his work in independent film, although he has also worked on blockbuster films of several genres. While he was clearly still striving to establish himself as a lead actor at the time, Bullock had to deal with the misogynist Hollywood dilemma of being in the fallow leading woman years, which dated casting described as being neither young nor elderly. The couple’s life was chaotic, and the pressures were difficult to overcome. Gosling says in one of his interviews,

“It’s not easy to leave your hometown, your family, and your support system and come out to Los Angeles to follow a goal where the odds are not in your favor.”

Sandra Bullock claimed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that, despite Ryan being only 21 at the beginning of their relationship, he calmly eased her life for the better. She says,

“To chill I live my life at a manic pace, and he’s taught me to disregard all that isn’t important.” She referred to Gosling as Buddha and stated, “He’s like a tiny Buddha.”

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While Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling both moved on and found lasting love elsewhere, they both respected their decision to get separated. Gosling later began dating Eva Mendes, while Bullock began dating Bryan Randall. Both have two kids of their own; Sandra has two adopted kids, and he, on the other hand, has two daughters with Eva Mendes.

Source: US Magazine

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