If you’ve been on Twitter for the previous few days, you’ve likely seen Marvel pundits suggesting for a good reason that She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters should appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3—it’s a great concept. We all understand that we get both Spider-Man 3 in cinemas and She-Hulk on Disney+ and we understand that after leaking his secret identity, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is bound to need some legal help.

Murdock’s own show on Netflix

Snapshot from Spiderman the film
Snapshot from Spiderman the film

Many would probably go directly to Matt Murdock once an individual gives legal advice. Heck, some of these fan blogs even suggest that Ol’ Hornhead is someone the studio wishes to portray Spidey in the court of law, although appearing the character might be legally impossible. Since Murdock had his own show on Netflix, several reports proposed that the character could not be used for two complete years after the series was cancelled. This implies that the character will not be accessible for use until earliest December 2020, probably well after the filming of Spider-Man 3.

She-Hulk has been on the line for long

Besides that, we already understand that there is a She-Hulk series on the docket. Sure, we don’t have a release date for it, but sometime in the next few years, it comes from Marvel Studios. Ultimately, that’s why it would make sense for Walters to appear beforehand somewhere else. Have the lawyer appear elsewhere to assist excite fans about the show, even teasing her gamma-infused powers a little bit. It’s a comparable step that the Kevin Feige-led team pulls with Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), although they’re not heading their own show.

Feige’s promise to fans

Another version of the She-Hulk
Another version of the She-Hulk

The massive Marvel machine has become a well-oiled entity and with Feige promising supreme interconnectedness between movies and shows appearing on Disney+, we’re bound to get more crossovers like this — so why not start with She-Hulk in Spider-Man 3?

Spider-Man 3 is expected to hit theatres July 16, 2021, while the She-Hulk series doesn’t have a release date.

Source: Comicbook, Wegotthiscovered

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